Romania: From 2018 all procurement will be made only online

Starting with 2018, all public procurement in Romania will take place exclusively online.
The statement was made by Bogdan Puscas, chairman of the National Public Procurement Agency (PPA), during a conference. Under the new methodology, SEAP (Electronic System of Public Procurement) will be replaced by SICAP (collaborative information system for ongoing environmental performance of public procurement), the latter being in testing by the Agency.From August 2016 will start testing phase at the national level for all users.

"With the new package in public procurement we started a new approach to public spending in Romania, namely to use public funds on the same principles that each of us spend own money. Purchase or otherwise, purchases that we do have back carefully studying the price of each product, the quality / price ratio, explorations, a plan for income and expenses in the family. in addition, the new legislation bring more transparency in that acquisitions will take place exclusively online, by ESPP (and soon, the new system SICAP). Already some of the procedures are done exclusively online, and by 2018 all procedures will do so" said Bogdan Puscas.

Frimu Ghinea

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