Romania's energy strategy will be debated at PRIA Energy Conference

The most important energy topics will be discussed at the conference PRIA Energy, on July 5, 2016, from 9.30 at the Sheraton hotel, Platinum room in Bucharest, Romania. The event brings together the most important leaders of energy consultants, lawyers, investors, bankers and representatives of the media.

In an economy increasingly globalized energy strategy a country takes place in the context of developments and changes taking place worldwide. Romania has a wide range, but reduced the amount of primary energy resources: oil, natural gas, coal and uranium, as well as a potentially renewable resource capitalized relatively modest.

Pria Energy conference will host industry leaders and visionaries energy authorities, the scientific community and the private sector, and community leaders who discuss emerging policy issues and technological advances that impact on global energy resources; strategic and innovative solutions in the energy industry trends and opportunities designed to create a sustainable future through environment and management. Also they will discuss topics related to the development of these complex interactions that are redefining the future of energy globally.

The speakers invited are: Costin Borcea - Minister of Economy, Trade and Tourism; Victor Grigorescu - Minister of Energy; Bogdan CHIRITOIU - President, Competition Council; Niculae HAVRILET - President, ANRE; George DUTU - President NAMR; Mariana Gheorghe - OMV Petrom CEO; Francesco Fanciulli - CEO, CEE Region, Prysmian Group; Valentin Mircea - energy expert; Toni teau - CEO, Transelectrica; Daniela Lulache - CEO, Nuclearelectrica; Carmen Neagu - CEO, Energobit; Remus BORZA - Judicial Aadministrator, Hidroelectrica.

PRIA Energy Conference is part of PRIAevents -with over 10 years experience in events.

Energy PRIA attending the conference will benefit from the most important and latest information on:
- How should look the Energy Strategy of Romania for 2016-2030
- We choose - energy security or energy independence?
- Romania's energy security, from the development of energy markets and geopolitical regional and global challenges
- Transforming the energy system and future trends: technology, climate policies, geopolitics, renewables
- What are the problems faced by producers of renewable energy in Romania

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