EU invests 263 million euros in energy projects

Member States of the European Union agreed Friday, July 15 European Commission's proposal to invest 263 million euros in a number of key European energy infrastructure projects.

Of the nine proposals selected for funding, five are in natural gas (which will benefit from EU support of € 210 million), and four in the electricity sector (which will receive support from EU worth 53 million euros). Also, three of the selected proposals relates to construction works (supporting 236 million) and six relate to conducting studies (supporting 27 million).

"An energy infrastructure well connected is crucial to achieving Union Energy. This support from the EU will help the gaps existing energy infrastructure, which will enable us to realize a European energy market connected. This is necessary to reinforce security of supply energy and more efficient use of energy resources, "said European Commissioner for energy, Arias Cañete.

Frimu Ghinea

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