PIAROM requires a debate about use of renewable resources in Romania

Employers Local Investors (PIAROM) demand the Ministry of Energy to put into public debate the provisions related to the use of renewable sources: biomass, biogas, geothermal, municipal waste energy use, according to an press release sent to us.

"PIAROM is alarming by lack of interest, both from the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Environment, to the possibility of superior capitalization of renewable energy resources. They allow mobilizing existing resources locally, creating thermal energy required for heating settlements, creating jobs and reduce pollution".
"We stand against the maintenance of a major grant of heat (about 700 million lei in winter 2015-2016), while ignoring inadmissible by the competent technical solutions capable of both capitalization of more renewable resources (biomass, bio-gas, geothermal) and at least 80% growth, step wise heating efficiency, "say representatives of investors.

"I regret that, contrary to approaches public made in February 2016 to all state authorities, mainly the Ministry of Energy national programs NREAP 2010, and the National Plan of recovery of biomass are ignored by policymakers, continuing -the public debate with the sole aim of producing electricity, "states the communique.

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