Romania: Public debate for Green House and Green House Plus programs

In accordance with Law no. 52/2003 about transparency in public administration, republished, Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests start to publicly debate the Guidebook OM Project Financing Programme on carrying out works for energy efficiency.

On July 26, 2016 posted for public discussion for a period of 10 business days on the website of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests following guides:

 GREEN HOUSE CLASSIC for individuals

 HOUSE GREEN PLUS for individuals

 GREEN HOUSE CLASSIC for businesses

 HOUSE GREEN PLUS for businesses

After the period of public consultation will be taken observations considered appropriate and effective legal, to be submitted to the Cabinet of the Minister of Environment, Water and Forests for approval by Ministerial Order.

After the publication of Ministerial Order approving the 4 guides and will be established the registration session for accepting applicants.

Mihai Vintila

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