Ukrainian Government continues to give financial aid to Ukrainians to replace gas boilers

There are enough funds in the state budget to support the purchase of "non-gas" boilers, in particular more than 70 million UAH. It means that about 7,000 households will abandon expensive gas and install boilers on alternative fuel. It is reported by the Chairman of the Agency Sergiy Savchuk.

According to him, within the state energy efficiency program people can receive non-repayable financial assistance to replace gas boilers: for individuals - 20% reimbursement, for those who get subsidies - 70%.

"Over the last week, from 11th till 18th of July 2016, the population attracted 11.9 million UAH to purchase 686 "non-gas" boilers. This is almost three times as much as the amount of funds involved before last week", - Sergiy Savchuk said, commenting on the statistic data of the state energy efficiency program.

He believes that the gas boilers replacement within the state support is an opportunity for each household to completely abandon the imported gas and switch to local fuels.

The Chairman also mentioned that the alternative fuels support program was introduced for people in October 2014. Since that time there has been a steady increase in demand for "non-gas" boilers purchase.

Within the program Ukrainians have attracted 280 million UAH to purchase almost 17 thousand "non-gas" boilers. The Government has already compensated them 58,9 million UAH.



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