What installed capacity of renewable energy has Romania?

At the end of June, the capacity for energy production from renewable sources amounted to 4690 MW, according to data centralized by Transelectrica. The figures are a decrease compared to the end of last year, when Romania figure in the system with production capacities of 5142 MW.

Of this total, wind farms provide power 2959MW, panels photovoltaic 1312 MW, small hydropower, other 316 MW and projects based on biomass have a power total of 103 MW.

In conditions In which, in 2008, the Romanian authorities have granted the most generous scheme for subsidising renewable energy in Europe (19.5 billion euros), our country has reached more quickly with 6 years, a goal which stated that, by 2020, the share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption to be 24%.

Unfortunately, the price paid for achieving this objective was an increase of 20% of the energy bills paid by the population and industry, for the green certificates received free of renewable energy producers (sold by them on a market specialized) are paid by all consumers in Romania in the final invoice to the electricity.

To reduce the impact of large bills, the authorities began to reduce the benefits awarded, but this decision started to affect now on the green energy producers. They accuse the authorities of incoherent legislation, saying that their decisions take them to the impossibility to sell the green certificates, and many firms in the system see themselves threatened by bankruptcy.

Frimu Ghinea

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