Ukraine - local authorities help people insulate their homes and get ready for winter

For seven months of 2016 more than 76 thousand Ukrainian families have taken part in the state energy efficiency program and received financial assistance for housing insulation. Almost a third of these families, namely 22.3 thousand households have also benefited from local support and got additional compensation of their expenses for energy efficiency measures from local budgets in the amount of 19 million UAH.

Condominiums also appeal to local authorities to get support. This year more than 70 condominiums have received compensation from the local budgets in the amount of about one million UAH.

The opportunity to participate in several support programs at once stimulates Ukrainians to implement energy efficiency measures. The double or sometimes triple assistance in home insulation (from the state, regional or district/local budgets) significantly reduces the price of energy efficient equipment and materials, thus reducing the financial burden on the family budget.

Thus, in 2016 due to the initiative of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) 184 local energy efficiency support programs are adopted. According to them, local authorities compensate the part of the so-called "warm" loan or its interest rate. In particular, 24 regional programs spread to all regions and cities of the appropriate region (including regional centre). Additionally, 93 regional and 67 local programs are adopted in these regions.

Today 62.6 million UAH are allocated for financing 14 regional, 31 district and 43 city programs. Almost half of the funds is provided for regional programs implementation.

Local programs are aimed at different categories of participants: some gives compensation both to individuals and condominiums, others provide only one category of borrowers with assistance.

The SAEE continues to work with local authorities towards the adoption of local energy efficiency support programs, their expansion to all categories of borrowers and what's important – funds allocation for their financing.

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