Romania - Green House and Green House Plus programs ready to start

The Environmental Fund Administration announced the opening of new programs Green House (Casa Verde) and Green House Plus (Casa Verde Plus) for 2016. Between October 10 to 24 at the headquarters of each county agencies are organizing session for submitting applications for funding under the program for the installation of heating systems using renewable energy, including replacing or supplementing conventional heating systems, individual payee.

Green House program involves subsidies for installing solar thermal and heat pumps. Subsidies values are 3,000 lei (about 650 euro) for non-pressurized type thermo siphon systems, 6,000 lei (about 1300 euro) for pressurized systems and 8,000 lei (about 1800 euro) for heat pumps. Each county has earmarked for a number of installations. The total amount of subsidy budget is 60 million lei (13, 3 million euro).

At the same time opened the session for the installation of heating systems using renewable energy, including replacing or supplementing traditional heating systems, with beneficiaries administrative units, public and religious units, which will be during October 17-November 14 . All amount allocated nationally is 34.739 million lei (7.71 million euro).

Green House Plus (Casa Verde Plus) program dealing with energy efficiency in buildings, addressed to individuals and legal entities is still in public debate. At end of the period of public debate will be analyzed observations considered appropriate and effective legal, following that version final funding guidelines to be submitted to the Cabinet Minister of Environment, Water and Forests for approval by Ministry. This program offers subsidies of up to a maximum of 80 lei (about 17 euro) per square meter, maximum 40,000 lei (approx 8900 euro) per project for the purchase and installation of materials for thermal insulation of exterior walls and interior roof insulation as defined in the program guide, related to new buildings and existing buildings.
After the publication of Ministerial Order approving the funding of four guides in the Official Gazette, by order of President of Environmental Fund Administration will be established during the registration session for acceptance of applicants.

The last session Green House (Casa Verde) program submission was in 2015  and Casa Verde Plus is a new program.



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