Thermal Energy Forum 2017 Bucharest, Romania

THE DIPLOMAT BUCHAREST organizes the third edition of its national Forum exclusively dedicated to thermal power - Thermal Energy Forum 2017, on March 16, at InterContinental Hotel Bucharest – Rapsodia Hall.

According to the Energy Strategy issued by the Ministry of Energy, more than half of the 60 Romanian localities benefiting from the district heating supply systems (SACET) require substantial investments in upgrading their heat distribution networks and in replacing the ageing cogeneration plants with new ones.

The Strategy promotes the integrated local planning of new high efficiency cogeneration capacities and of thermal insulation programmes.

Another key area of strategic intervention emphasizes the programmes for increasing the energy efficiency of dwellings.

The investments should be channelled mainly for the thermal insulation of blocks of flats, with maximum impact in terms of energy savings and number of inhabitants, as well as to energy efficiency measures in households entitled to heating subsidies, with maximum social and public budget impact. Financing may be both private, supported by appropriate regulations (including to facilitate the development of ESCO services), and public, such as local budgets, the regional and central budgets, as well as structural funds.

To reach the annual target of thermal rehabilitation of at least 3% of the overall number of public buildings, schools, hospitals, administrative buildings etc. will also be prioritised.

We invite you to take part in a debate on the current state and future opportunities for the Romanian thermal energy sector, the European directive "Energy Winter Package 2016" and the impact on the national energy policy, updates on the National Heating Program 2006 - 2020 - "Warmth and comfort, promoting systems based on high efficiency technology".

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