Green Energy and Innovation

7-9 July 2017 - "Erőss Zsolt" Sports Arena in Miercurea Ciuc, Romania

The Romanian Employers Confederation - Harghita branch invites you to join the participants at the "Green Energy and Innovation" exhibition, which will be held at the "Erőss Zsolt" Sports Arena in Miercurea Ciuc, between 07-09 July a.m..

The event will take place in partnership with the Miercurea Ciuc City Hall, the Harghita County Council, the Harghita Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hungarian Consulate in Miercurea Ciuc.

Given the accelerated diversification of the activities of economic operators, the innovation activities within the research institutions, the exponential growth of the need to modernize the old theology and to adapt to the requirements of pollution reduction and the production of green-renewable energies, Have proposed the following goals:

• Promoting green and efficient energy by getting local knowledge of new technologies in order to increase their competitiveness;
• Creating the opportunity for research and innovation institutions to make their results known, innovative solutions in the field of green and renewable energy industry;
• Creating opportunities to capitalize innovative solutions in the field of green and renewable energy industry by local economic operators;
• Providing opportunities for the establishment of innovative production units in the field of green and renewable energy industry locally;
• Awareness among local decision-makers and population of the importance of introducing innovative solutions in the green and renewable energy industry into the community;

The categories of companies contacted cover the sectors of activity in the fields of production and use of solar, wind, water, biomass, hydrogen, geothermal, electric and / or hybrid automobile companies, solar power companies.

The exhibition is addressed to both economic agents, local and county administrations and to end users, interested individuals.

Márk DezsőSorin
President of the Romanian Employers - Harghita Branch


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