Global Energy& Renewable Energy efficiency, LNG & Cross Boarder trading 29-30 Nov, 2017 Summit in Prague

Energy efficiency holds the promise of substantially reducing energy use while transforming many energy-using markets.Accomplishing this outcome requires collaboration among the efficiency,technology, and user communities.The oil and gas price depression has seen the retrogression of many dependent markets in the past couple of years. As the industry reverted to diverse protective measures, the drop in conventional oil and gas prices would have usually stalled the uptake of the so-called “transition fuel” for the maritime industry, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and the renewable energy (Solar, Biomass, Biofuels).

However, this has not been the stumbling block for LNG adoption that many had thought. There were anticipations and exaggeration on how LNG’s will end which has greatly affected the Bunkering with liquefied natural gas (LNG), by the drop in the conventional fuel for the maritime industry. This Conference will bring together people from the IT, telecom,energy efficiency, utility, Oil, Gas, solution provider, and policy sectors to share and learn how information and communications technology (ICT) can improve the use of energy.

In this summit, we can begin to paint a surprisingly encouraging picture of a sector that refuses to be blown off course by the worst oil price crash in living memory. This conference will bring together representatives of those involved in the supply, distribution, consumption and development of sustainable energy sources which are benign,accessible and economically viable. despite the high demand for LNG as a marine fuel, the infrastructure necessary for LNG-powered vessels to refuel is currently limited, but expanding.

However, this has not been the stumbling block for LNG adoption that many had thought. The ECA regulations continue to push many decisions in the LNG market, but since they were adopted, the industry has also faced a vast amount of unpredictability. Recent oil price volatility has put added pressure and a question mark over the ROI in the short term, which makes it harder to build
the business case, prove ROI and secure funding.

However, this is radically being solved with operational infrastructure now available with other major projects either underway or in the planning stages. Incentives are being developed by Ports and LNG suppliers to make the switch more attractive, resulting in an increase in orders for new LNG fuelled vessels and conversion projects. The industry is certainly moving forward, but the next step is to start accelerating this progress: LNG bunkering is on the verge of hitting the mainstream as an alternative for world shipping, but there are several factors that still need to be overcome.

·Where will the greatest hurdles for LNG be in the coming years?
·Is LNG the most efficient solution to emissions standards regulation?
·Where will bunkering infrastructure develop first?

Gabriel & Gabriels is to hosts this event amid an air of increasing optimism following considerably shifting markets in the last year. Come and joined us to discuss the critical issues surrounding Europe’s and global gas market. Featuring major stakeholder’s attendees are to benefit from conversations, debates and detailed presentations around topics including the future of Europe's gas supply from established routes and planned supply lines, LNG`s role in Europe`s energy future, Gas`s position in the shifting energy mix and addressing the future of Gas pricing.

With increasing supply options and the ever-increasing potential for gas to partner with renewables for a lower-carbon future, Gabriel & Gabriels LNG and Trading summit through its interactive formats and expert speaker line-up, provides a vital platform for dialogue to drive the long term future of Gas and Energy in Europe and Globally.

Summit will unite global players from leading ports, LNG terminal operators ,Ship operators, Ship owners, LNG suppliers, LNG technology providers and Energy Industries to develop strategic partnerships and common strategy to drive the LNG Bunkering market forward. Join your peers at this industry led and content driven conference to analyse some of the key challenges facing the sector, and impacting supply and demand dynamics and market outlook.

Those attending this event will spend 2 days hearing perspectives from the entire supply chain,offering their insights into their decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes that have allowed them to successfully move forward in the LNG Bunkering market.

There will be 6 sessions with proposed themes inclusive of, but not restricted to

Session I: Energy Efficiency
Session 11:Renewable Energy efficiency
Session 111: LNG
Session IV: Gas and Energy Cross Border trading
Session V: Transport and storage
Session VI: ICT and Data Management

Join us to meet senior levelled Renewable Energy, Energy, Power, Utility ,Oil & Gas personnel’s  seeking to network, create new deals, shake hands with new business partners and investors, and find the latest trends. This is the place to create the crucial connection that will move your business forward.

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