Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum, October 4th, October, InterContinental Hotel

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum, the most important annual event dedicated to energy efficiency and the development of sustainable energy programs, has reached its fourth edition, at an opportune moment in this field, taking into account the new strategies for the implementation of the EU Directive no. 27/2012.

Organized by the Romanian Association for the Promotion of Energy Efficiency (ARPEE) together with GOVNET Conferences, the event will bring to light both the opportunities and the challenges encountered during the implementation of energy efficiency programs, bringing together key people among specialists and authorities in this sector - Representatives of the Government, Regulatory Authorities and Private Companies.

Among the topics to be debated are the ways to implement customized energy efficiency projects on the local market, the latest innovations in energy efficiency technology, the shortest road from legislation to implementation, passing through all phases - from design, financing , regulation, operation, suppliers and beneficiaries.

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