Enel wants 62% of the energy to be produced without carbon dioxide emissions

The Italian energy group Enel wants to reach 62% of carbon-free energy in the total output of the group by 2021, given that for 2018 the estimates are for a percentage of 48%, according to a presentation made by Enel at the Capital Markets Day event in Milan, Italy.

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Aquatherm Tbilisi 2018

Aquatherm exhibition is the concept developed by one of the global leaders of the exhibition industry - Reed Exhibitions. Stated trade fair is being organized by Expo Georgia for the fourth time in 2018. The event will be held on December, 2018 in the eleventh pavilion of Expo Georgia fairground.

The event promises unite the best and brightest of the industry, providing the equipment and expertise of the global and local leaders of heating, energy technology, sustainable energy, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation industries.

Aquatherm Tbilisi 2018 will be held at Expo Georgia – the only exhibition venue in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and the leading one in the whole Caucasus Region. Set within the post-industrial Didube-Chugureti district of Tbilisi, Expo Georgia is a 14-hectare campus located northeast of the historic city center. The complex is centered in an extensively landscaped sequence of gardens and park spaces, accessed by parkways and pedestrian paths. Soviet-era pavilions are distributed across the site, developed as a regional exposition during 1960s.

source: http://aquatherm.ge/?cat=4


Enel X Romania wants to install 2500 charge points for electric cars

Enel X Romania, part of the Enel Group's advanced energy services division, plans to install around 2,500 load points in all regions of Romania in the period 2019-2023. Total investment is estimated between 15 and 20 million euros.

"Enel X Romania is committed to offering electric vehicle owners and fleets the opportunity to travel across the country, from north to south and from east to west, without worrying about where to find the next load point. Ambitious development of an extended load infrastructure over the next five years, we will contribute to cleaner and more sustainable transport throughout Romania" said Marius Chiriac, Director of Enel X Romania, according to a press release.

The first loading points will be installed in 2019 in Bucharest, Timisoara and Constanta.

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3rd International Congress and Exhibition “Hydropower. The Caspian and Central Asia” (20-21 February, Tbilisi, Georgia)

3rd International Congress “Hydropower. The Caspian and Central Asia” is the professional platform for the dialogue, exchange of opinions, seeking solutions, and efforts consolidation of government and business to jointly work on a number of projects for the construction and renovation of hydropower plants in the region (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). 

Congress keynote speakers and VIP-guests 2018 include:
- Azamat Omorov, Deputy Chairman, National Committee for Industry, Energy, and Natural Resources
- Timur Gamzatov, Director, RusHydro Dagestan Branch
- Telgu Naresh, Director Operations, Adjaristsqali Georgia
- Ruben Egoyan, General Director, Scientific Research Institute of Energy of the Republic of Armenia
- Evgeny Bellendir, Director, HydroProject Institute (RusHydro)

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you join the Congress 2019: 

- Case studies from companies successfully carrying out HPP construction projects in America, Europe, and Asia.

- 9 states – one goal. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan – which facilities are in progress of construction and design.

- Hot issue: Where is the money coming from – investment and finance. Alternative solutions
- Focus on hydropower! New projects in the Caspian and Central Asia. International cooperation, plans of policymakers, initiators, and investors.

- Dedicated sessions on construction, renovation, and exploitation of hydropower plants.

- Technology-focus presentations and exclusive exhibition: innovative technologies and equipment – construction, renovation, operation.

- Unparalleled business networking opportunities

Hydropower Caspian and Central Asia 2019
20-21 February 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia
Website: www.hydropowercongress.com 


ISH 2019 from Monday to Friday.Changing the sequence to Monday to Friday will give trade visitors an extra working day at the fair

ISH, the world’s leading trade fair for the combination of water and energy, is changing its sequence of days. In future, the event will begin on Monday, instead of Tuesday, as in the past.

“With the new sequence of days, we are taking account of the wishes of our exhibitors. Changing the sequence to Monday to Friday will give trade visitors an extra working day at the fair. At the same time, travelling will be more convenient for international visitors”, says Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Messe Frankfurt.

In line with the recommendation of the ISH Advisory Council and the exhibitors, the change in the sequence of days was agreed by a majority of the ISH patrons – the Federation of the German Heating Industry (BDH), Association of Air Conditioning and Ventilation in Buildings (FGK), Association of the German Sanitation Industry (VDS), German Association for Energy Efficiency in Building Services (VdZ) and The German Sanitation, Heating and Air Conditioning Association (ZVSHK) – following the last edition of the fair.

The next ISH will be held from 11 to 15 March 2019 (Monday to Friday). As in the past, the fair will be open to private visitors on the last day.

Press release


DNV GL certifies Ingeteam’s 2MW DFIG converter

Ingeteam, the world-leading supplier of electrical conversion equipment, announced today that it received DNV GL’s certification for its Ingecon®Wind stator-equipped 2MW DFIG converter. With this latest achievement, Ingeteam completes the range of its products covered under DNV GL certification, such as the medium voltage full power converters and the statorless DFIG converters; and demonstrates its ability to consistently meet DNV GL’s quality and safety requirements across multiple drive-train topologies.

Ingeteam’s low voltage DFIG power converters have been developed with a modular FRT solution to optimize cost-effectiveness and fulfil the strictest international grid codes. It is a mature technology used by many of the main turbine manufacturers, offering key advantages with regards to costs and sizes savings.

The DNV GL Component Certificate confirms that ingeteam’s converter is designed, documented and manufactured in accordance to design assumptions, specific standards and technical requirements, globally. It also makes the process of new turbine development easier, speeding up the integration of components to wind turbine platforms.

“To this day, DFIG converters remain the most proven, efficient and cost competitive drive train topology,” explained Ion Etxarri Sangüesa, R&D Quality Team Leader of Ingeteam Wind Energy. “Our DFIG converter series offer cost-optimized products for each market and application. Those converters present a very grid-friendly behaviour, including FRT, SCR and SSR, which explains why they are used all over the world, and, in particular, why they do very well in emerging markets such as India or Brazil. Our 2MW DFIG converters can be modulated to bring customized solutions that will effectively minimize wind turbine LCoE”, continued Etxarri Sangüesa.

“We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Ingeteam and support the company in their efforts to demonstrate the quality standards of their products. This new certification is another step forward in the excellent working relationship we have developed with Ingeteam over the years. The certificate emphasizes the quality requirements of Ingeteam in safety and reliability of their products”, concluded Kim Mørk, Executive Vice President, Renewables Certification at DNV GL.


Ukraine: Inauguration of the Novotroickoe wind park

In Herson, the president of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation in Ukraine, Serghei Savchuk participated at the inauguration of the Novotroickoe wind park. The total capacity of the plant will be about 70 MW and will be among those the three largest and most powerful in Ukraine.

The installation consists of wind turbines delivered by one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers - the company Danish Vestas. The project was implemented by Windcart Tavria along with Ukrgasbank.

"This shows that investors are more active and interested in investing in the installation of renewable energy energy. These success stories are the result of hard work by the Government and the Parliament" Sergei Savchuk told the opening ceremony.

In 2016, 121 MW of renewable energy was introduced, which is 4 times higher than in 2015. For the 7 months of 2017, 166.1 MW have already been installed, which is more than for the whole of the past year.

As for the Herson region, this area is one of the best in the development of "clean energy". Starting with 1 August 2017, there are 23 installations in the Kherson region that generate green electricity. Specifically, 18 with capacity solar power of 68.4 MW and 4 wind farms with a total capacity of nearly 34 MW.


Niculae Havrileţ: Romania's target will be 32% renewable energy for 2030

Niculae Havrileţ, energy minister adviser and former president of the Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), said in a special conference that as the price of equipment is decreasing, the electricity bill will be lower: "Romania's target will be 32% for 2030. Given that we have already exceeded the target of 4% by 2020, another 8% in the next 12 years is very likely to be installed without a special financial support."

At present, there are wind turbines in Romania with a capacity of 3,105 MW, photovoltaic panels of 1,361 MW, micro-hydropower plants of 342 MW and biomass plants of 143 MW.

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BUDMA 2018 – a summary of the most important construction fair

BUDMA 2018 in numbers:
nearly 1,000 exhibitors (BUDMA, KOMINKI, INTERMASZ, INFRATEC fairs altogether)
over 150 registered new products

20 registered market premieres as part of the BUDMA Premieres Club
42 products received prestigeuos  MTP Gold Medals award (distribution per fair: 35 BUDMA, 5 Kominki, 2 Intermasz)
About 100 conferences, presentations, training sessions and events accompanying the BUDMA Fair
2 700 press releases, information on TV, websites and forums as well  as discussion forums (between 1 September to 5 February)
46,000 Fair guests during the 4 days dedicated to the construction industry!

Second Economic Forum of Civil Engineering and Architecture
The new regulations, rules of the "National Property Holding", competitiveness of Polish construction companies on foreign markets – these are just some of the topics that were discussed during the 2nd Economic Construction Engineering Forum and Construction Engineering Days, which provided a tremendous amount of knowledge during the BUDMA Fair.
At the Forum, also the topics of the quality of public space in the context of its accessibility for people with disabilities were addressed. The discussion also concerned the future of the construction industry, during which the invited guests tried to answer the question whether the automation of production and exports is a chance for the continuous development of Polish companies. Among the topics addressed during the Forum, there were also the ones concerning the future of workforce and professionals the lack of whom starts to be noticeable on the Polish construction market.

Selected topics addressed during the Forum:
• The competitiveness of Polish construction companies and manufacturers of construction products on export markets
• The future of the construction industry – is automation of production and exports a chance for the continuous development of Polish construction companies?
• Quality of public space
• Bim – digital revolution in the construction industry
• Industrial construction yesterday, today and tomorrow
• Staff and companies vs. the order portfolio. What are specialists missing on the market?
• The situation and trends in the field of vocational training for the construction industry

The Economic Forum of Civil Engineering and Architecture was held under the auspices of and in cooperation with: Honorary Patronage: Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction

Co-organizers: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers, Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Construction Industry, Wielkopolska Region Chamber of Construction Engineers
Industry Partners: Ministry of Education, Building Research Institute, Polish Cluster of Construction Industry Exporters, Eastern Construction Cluster, Polish Windows and Doors Association, Lewiatan Association, Education Development Centre, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, Polish Association of Developers, Public Procurement Department, Association of Polish Cities, Budowlani Trade Union, Integracja Foundation, ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre

BUDMA Champions Show. 9th Polish Championships of Young Roofers

Steep roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs and facades – in such contest categories young roofers (aged up to 26 years) began to compete during the BUDMA Fair. Among the competing teams, Polish national team was selected to take part in the World Championships of Young Roofers, which will be held in Latvia in autumn 2018.

The event Partners were the following companies: Braas, Blachy Pruszyński, Icopal, BudMat, Yetico, Blachotrapez, Balex Metal, Roben, Fakro, Soudal, Velux, Ruuki, B.Pro, Festool, Sorex.

The art of parquet floor laying

It is in Poznań where the most important event for the parquet floor industry in 2018 was held – the International Polish Championship of Young Parquet Layers. This time, in addition to the representatives of Poland, the competition was attended by contestants from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine. Polish Champion and Runner-Up will represent Polish parquet layers during the European Championship, which will take place in Minsk. An additional advantage for the participants of the Championship was the fact that the works made during the competition were treated as the exam tasks completed to obtain an apprentice or master certificate in the parquet layer profession.

The event programme also included presentations and demonstrations of the latest products and technologies in parquet floor laying, lectures by specialists and experts who presented the latest trends in design, as well as open training for surveyors.
The Championship was organized by the Polish Association of Parquet Layers. The event Partners included: Festool, Bochem, Bautec Dr. Schutz, Eukula, HartzLack, Janser, Mafell, Mat-Tar, Polski Związek Handlu i Usług Branży Pokryć Podłogowych, Walczak.

Trowel made of gold

Nearly 70 vocational schools registered their participation in one of the few competitions designed for students of construction vocational schools! The 48th edition of the "Golden Trowel" Construction Tournament gave the students an opportunity to present their skills in such categories as e.g. bricklayer, painter, floor layer, fitter or roofer. In Poznań, we saw the best of those representing their schools and professions, and who were struggling not only for prestige but also for valuable prizes and for being exempt from the exam confirming professional qualifications.

The competition was organised by the Polish Association of Construction Industry Education. The competition Partners included: Fakro, Stowarzyszenie Przemysłu Wapienniczego, Akademia Techniczna, PPG Deco, Bricoman, Giacomini, MPGN.

Proper woodwork installation - MONTERIADA

During the 3rd edition of MONTERIADA at the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair, the event participants had an opportunity to see live what the installation of products by leading woodwork companies looks like.  In the shows, cutting-edge tools, installation systems and accessories were used. This year's new element was a demonstration of roller shutters installation with control and fittings adjustment.

Those who visited the MONTERIADA 2018 stand had an opportunity to meet companies' experts who explained in an accessible way all technical issues and talked about products. The installation process could not only be observed but also performed oneself – as part of the competition for the fastest "fitters" from the audience, special prizes had been prepared. Also a press conference and a visit of students of "DOBRY MONTAŻ" (GOOD ASSEMBLY) vocational training classes from two vocational schools.

MONTERIADA 2018 partners included: AIB, Aluplast, FAKRO, GERDA, Hörmann, Klimas Wkręt -met, Lahti Pro, Porta KMI Poland, Somfy, Soudal, Stanley Black&Decker, VORNE.

The Legend is Back – INTERMASZ at BUDMA!

Construction industry without machines? Unimaginable... Poland's largest exhibition of machinery, vehicles and construction equipment, after a few-year break, once again was held along with the most important meeting of the construction industry in Poland! The consolidation of the two events allowed us to comprehensively present the best in the construction industry, including innovative and technologically advanced machinery.

Who nowadays can imagine a constitution site without the support of construction machinery? Even in smaller, individual investments, the equipment is used thanks to which you may save much time necessary for the preparation of e.g. excavations for foundations or pouring concrete. Currently proposed construction equipment offers something more – the convenience of operation, operator safety and lower operating costs thanks to the latest technology. The event participants had an opportunity to see such machines, compare them and choose the ones that respond to our demands most. It is all thanks to the INTERMASZ Construction Machinery Fair, which, after a few years, again was held simultaneously with the BUDMA Construction Fair.

Architects' time
The 4 exhibition days were filled with events aimed at architects and designers who during BUDMA could find not only hundreds of the latest and inspiring products presented by the exhibitors but also meet world-renowned architects, take part in debates and also see more than 130 works and implementation by architectural companies and studios from entire Poland!

1m/ARCH (1 metre for an architect) was, for the first time during BUDMA, a place of presenting the accomplishments and achievements of more than 130 architectural companies and studios. Specially arranged space of the mezzanine in Hall 3A was also a place of meetings and consultations with architects, frequently attended not only by the architects themselves but also investors who were interested in often custom, interesting architectural solutions.

Design 4 Senses
Unique, unconventional solutions, unusual design, perfect form and texture – every day in our work we look for materials which will bring our projects to another level and meet or even exceed the expectations of our customers. It is also thanks to top-class products and technological solutions that our works have a chance to stand out from the surrounding architecture, become noticed and appreciated by architects, but above all by outsiders.

It was in the Design 4 Senses zone that we could find the products and solutions that would meet even the highest requirements of each project. Design 4 Senses presented unique, exclusive product offers by such brands as Alusky, Fakro, Finishparkiet, Hörmann, or Schody Marchewka.

MVRDV – discovering "Baltic Tower" in Poznań
What was the idea of the creators of the Baltic Tower in Poznań, an internationally renowned architectural studio? The story behind this modern, bold as for the Poznań (and probably even Polish) standards building, was told on the second day of BUDMA. The special guest was Fokke Moerel from the Dutch MvRdV studio, a company that has won numerous prestigious awards, creating unusual works that are always designed from scratch, without the use of the forms of expressions already utilised.

Let's talk about space
A fixed element in the series of events aimed mainly at architects during the BUDMA Fair is the architectural debate. The theme of this year's meeting, attended by artists dealing with e.g. describing and popularisation of knowledge about architecture and urban planning, was "Telling Space Story". The invited guests attempted to answer several questions, for example how to talk about space, which media to use, what language to use to convey information and to whom it should be addressed. Also, the issue of education and condition of knowledge about the architecture of an average Polish customer was discussed.
The debate was moderated by a well-known, respected architecture critic, journalist Jakub Głaz.

Traditionally drawn architectural designs
It is already the fourth edition of the Architectural Sketches competition, in which participants faced the challenge of preparing a drawing by hand presenting the impact of selected technologies and materials on quality, looks and character of architecture. This time the students of architecture faculties were supposed to present "Man in Space" by means of conventional techniques, using a pencil, rapidograph, pen, marker or crayon.

"The current curriculum at universities pushes drawing by hand aside, which makes young architects lose the ability to use the traditional technique. Most architectural projects used to be started by performing a sketch, committing emotions, a vision of a given construction to paper, and that is why through the competition we try to promote this somewhat forgotten skill, which is still important in our profession." - says Ryszard Gruda, National Council of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. - "This year's theme of the competition, "Man in Space", gives the participants almost unlimited room for manoeuvre to show their imagination." - he adds.

From dozens of submitted works, only ten were selected for the final. The expert Jury nominated 10 works for the final, and this year's winners are:
1st place – Julia Niemczyk – University of Arts in Poznań
2nd place – Sara Drozd – Cracow University of Technology
3rd place – Izabela Kazimierska – Poznań University of Technology.
Once again, the "Audience's Choice" prize was awarded. The Internet voting was attended by over 3,000 participants, who chose the work by Izabela Kazimierska with just a minimal difference of votes.

The events dedicated to architects are organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.

As early as today, we would like to invite you to the 28th edition of the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair!
5-8 February 2019, Poznań.


Energy efficiency & LNG Summit in Prague 2018

Conference Agenda
November 29-30th 2018

Third Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Exhibition summit
Courtesy of Gabriel & Gabriels International Prague

Venue for the Event is Pentahotels, Sokolovská 112, Prague 8 Karlín, Czech Republic. www.gabrielsforum.com , email: info@gabrielsforum.com
Tel: +420 776 347 298

1. Learn about the latest developments in global market
2. Hear from leading experts in Renewable energy, Energy, Power, Utilities, Oil and Gas Industries on Regulations, Compliance Risks, and Policies
3. Learn and discover more about emerging hot topics
4. Discover the best investment and export opportunities for new renewable generation and LNG to achieve market integration through effective transparency monitoring
5. In-depth coverage of critical Data Management, Governance, Big Data etc. and ICS security subject matter in a comprehensive focus day
6. Discussion focused on the latest development and operation of a large scale global in the Industry
7. Meet peers from within your technical and professional community and Form new professional relationships


Giuseppe Fumarola – Futur-E Project Coordinator at Enel Global Thermal Generation
Prof Norman Mclennan – Managing Director at Rubislaw Integrated Consulting Solutions
Christophe Dromacque – Head of Research and Analysis at VaasaETT Global Energy

Think Tank
Johan Ander – Program Manager – Smart City Program – Energy
Sebastiano Ambrogio – Head of Energy Storage Business Development Global Thermal Generation at Enel
Richardo Batista – Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, Researcher in Energy Sustainability
Nektarios Moraitis – Energy Efficiency Manager at Watt & Volt
Shah Zulfiquar Haider – General Manager, Pabna Rural Electric Cooperative 1
David Lecoque – Policy and Business Development Manager at Alliance for Rural Electrification
Aurel Mindrican – AFEER (The Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania) Trade Development Manager – CEZ Trade Romania & Trade Manager – Ovidiu Development
Johan Tonsberg – Contract and procurement previously Manager at Maersk Oil & Shell
Stefan Schauss – Director business Development Energy Storage Systems at Greensmithenergy
Kristina Rimkunaite – SSLNG development manager at LITGAS 2
Karim Elhanafi – President, Founder GIS Consultant Management ONG-IT GmbH
Ivana Ostoic – CEO IQ Group,Sustainabilty,Enviroment,Energy Efficiency,Renewable Expert,Public Speaker
David Marco – CEO | Best-Selling Author | International Speaker on Data Management
Rainer Bachmann – Domain E-Mobility,Head of Platforms & Operations Eon
Kirstin Bell – Director at Renewablechoice,
George Chavdarov – Energy expert at European Investment Bank
Wolfram Sparber – Chairman Of The Board Of Directors at Alperia S.p.A
Mark Ossel – Vice President at Networked Energy Services (NES) Corporation (USA, Ca)
Peter Stewart – Managing Director at Resource economist ltd
Bjorn Brochmann – Director, Brochmann Energy
Rita Conte – Consultant Endsight Consulting
Daniel Burrus – Technology Futurist, Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author
Luis Colasante – Group Energy Manager & Head of Economic Research | Writer Contributor: Oilprice | USA Today
Richard Albrecht – Innovation and Business Development Manager at CC Energy
Sam Wilkinson – Senior Research Manager – Solar & Energy Storage at IHS Markit
Francisco Pablo De La Flor – Director of Regulation at Enagas
Willem Strabbing – Managing Director at ESMIG
Tor Eigil Hodne – Director, EU Office at Statnett SF
Robert Stanek – Senior consultant at The P3 Group Germany
Jan Ernst Sr. – Application Engineer EMEA Maxwell Technologies
Tanya Batra – Head of Business Development at Ezysolare
Tim Karlsson – Executive Director International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE)
Bodo von Duering – Owner, von During Management AG3
David Lecoque – Policy and Business Development Manager at Alliance for Rural Electrification
Bjorn Bekkevold, Owner, Chairman, Founder & CEO

7:30 AM to 8:00 AM Registration and Reception

9:00 AM Opening statement and Keynote Addresses:
Prof Norman Mclennan, former VP Supply Chain Sasol
Exploration & Production International but now Managing
Director at Rubislaw Integrated Consulting Solutions
10:00 AM to 10:30 AM Break
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Presentation: Collaborative business principles in challenging business environments - the art of the possible! This session will explore model supply chain & contractual solutions developed and utilized in the upstream energy sector offering. Specifically examining: Background context and whey there is a compelling case for standard solutions.
Prof Norman Mclennan, former VP Supply Chain Sasol Exploration & Production International but now Managing Director at Rubislaw Integrated Consulting Solutions
Presentation: Mega trends in climate change and resource efficiency, Urbanization, active customers digitalization and New Technologies
Johan Ander, Program Manager - Smart City Program - Energy
Presentation: Integrating wind power into the Romanian electricity market
Aurel Mindrican, AFEER (The Association of Electricity Suppliers in Romania) Trade Development Manager – CEZ Trade Romania & Trade Manager – Ovidiu Development
Presentation: ESCO model in Western Balkans-Success stories
Ivana Ostoic, CEO IQ Group, Sustainabilty, Environment,
Energy Efficiency, Renewable Expert, Public Speaker
Presentation: The integration of decentralized heat and electricity generation plus e-mobility in quarter concept as part of sustainable cities development
Rainer M. Bachmann, Domain E-Mobility, Head of Platforms & Operations Eon
Presentation: Use of depleted gas fields for green energy Bodo von Duering, Owner von During management Ag.
Presentation: "The potential of consumption feedback and demand response in the residential sector - findings from 160 pilots around the world?"
Christophe Dromacque, Head of Research and Analysis at VaasaETT Global Energy Think Tank
Presentation: Recycling of PV modules keeping in view of the speed of installation worldwide and certain PV plants are already more than 7-8 years old. I am afraid that while we step up the
investments on Renewables, we may tend to overlook the effects on environment as we are nearing the derating regime of the same
Dr. Suresh Gupta, Head of RD at Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Lunch

Keynote Address:
Presentation: PIMS - Pipeline Information Management Systems based on Enterprise GIS
Daniel Burrus, Technology Futurist, Innovation Expert, Keynote Speaker, Best Selling Author
1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Presentation: “Integrated solutions for smart cities, power, gas
and water networks” By Karim Elhanafi, President, Founder GIS Consultant Management ONG-IT GmbH

Nektarios Moraitis, Energy Efficiency Manager
Presentation: Energy Storage experience
Sebastiano Ambrogio, Head of Energy Storage
Business Development Global Thermal Generation
Presentation: Towards a single European Power Market » The Principal Changes in the Last 5 Years in the European Power Market
Luis Colasante, Group Energy Manager & Head of Economic Research, Writer Contributor: Oilprice, USA Today
Presentation: Kristina Rimkunaite, SSLNG development manager at LITGAS
Presentation: Wolfram Sparber, Chairman of The Board of Directors at Alperia S.p.A
3:00 PM to 3:15 PM Break
3:15 PM to 4:45 PM
5:00 PM Presentation:
Joseph Mcmullen, Marketing Director Schneider Electric Software
End of Day One

7:30 AM to 8:00 AM Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
10:00 AM to 10:30 AM Break
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM Presentation:
Sam Wilkinson, Senior Research Manager - Solar & Energy Storage at HIS Markit
Presentation: Peter Stewart, Managing Director at Resource economist ltd

Presentation: Richard Albrecht, Innovation and Business Development Manager at CC Energy
Presentation: George Chavdarov, Energy expert at European Investment Bank
Presentation: Rita Conte, Consultant Endsight Consulting
Presentation: David Marco, CEO, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker on Data Management
Presentation: How a more intelligently-run power grid can yield greater cost savings both for the entire utility system and individual customers
Tor Eigil Hodne, Director, EU Office at Statnett SF
12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Lunch

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Presentation: As world market leader in short term energy storage (Ultra capacitors) our products contribute to stability of the future grid where renewable integration cause fluctuation of
frequency which leads into a reasonable danger of grid operation. Short term burst of power from Ultra Capacitors are a highly effective way to resolve immediate frequency response Jan Ernst, Sr. Application Engineer EMEA Maxwell

Technologies Presentation: Battery price and technology development until 2025 • Current state of the battery market for PHEV/ BEV automotive market • Outlook on cell technology roadmap • Deep dive in battery price development (Cell, Module, System) Robert Stanek, Senior Consultant at The P3 Group Germany
Presentation: The opportunities for the use of fuel cells and hydrogen in energy systems integration, and linking energy, transportation and industry sectors Tim Karlsson, Executive Director International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE)
Presentation: 'The use of ICT in tapping Solar Energy
Investment opportunities'. With particularly focus on the
Investment opportunities in India which yield high returns Tanya Batra, Head of Business Development at Ezysolare
Presentation: LNG/pipe gas as a balancing system for the electricity grid managed by the consumers
Bjorn Bekkevold, Owner, Chairman, Founder & CEO
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM Break
Panel Session: Today, we are living in a digitalized web world, do we also expect such too in energy sectors? How will companies manage these changes? How can companies appeal to the consumers of tomorrow as is now the case in web, telephony, social media and messaging across multiple devices? Or would clean energy ambitions create wealth of opportunities? Equity in the Clean Energy Economy; or Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement, Automated Transportation or Debate on Energy Efficiency. How could Technology of LNG be used in terms of its bottlenecks in having it used on larger engines for larger commercial ships?
Debate team: Prof Norman Mclennan, Managing Director at
Rubislaw Integrated Consulting Solutions and Georges Seil,Ph.D-cand, MBA, MD Biz Consult.

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM Closing Ceremonies


Ameriabank becomes first EBRD partner in Armenia to receive loan under Green Economy

Small businesses in Armenia will have more opportunities to invest in green technology thanks to a US$ 12.5 million loan the EBRD is providing to Ameriabank for on-lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and corporates for green investments.

The loan is co-financed by the EBRD and the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the largest international climate fund created in 2010 under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. GCF supports low-emission and climate-resilient programmes in developing countries.

Companies interested in small-scale renewable energy projects may also benefit from investment incentives funded by the Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) through the Scaling-Up Renewable Energy Programme (SREP). The GEFF includes a comprehensive technical advisory package, co-financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and the GCF, which helps originate and verify green investment opportunities.

source EBRD


Ukraine: The Trifonovskaya Solar Park was opened with a capacity of 10 MW

On September 27 in the Herson region, solemnly opened the Trifonovskaya solar power station with a capacity of 10 MW. In a year, it will generate 11-12 million kWh of "clean" electricity. This will be enough to supply electricity to the inhabitants of the 15 surrounding villages, which is actually a third of the Velyko Aleksandrovsky neighborhood.

According to the Regional State Administration of Herson, the project was implemented in a memorandum on the cooperation between the State Duma and DTEK. Ukrgasbank also joined the construction of the plant, providing a loan of 7.1 million euros.

"Another solar power plant has been successfully built and already generates clean electricity for Ukrainian families." This event demonstrates that financial and business institutions have stepped up in this area, due to legislative changes, green tariff improvements ", The removal of" local content ", the introduction of long-term contracts on" clean "electricity and other" - said Director of Renewable Energies Yuriy Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti Shafarenko at the opening.

As Y. Shafarenko explained, due to regulatory changes in the last 2 years, the development of renewable energy has been reviving. For example, in 2016, 121 MW of energy was introduced. It is 4 times more than in 2015. For the 7 months of 2017, 166.1 MW were introduced, which is more than for the whole of the past year. Interestingly, 155.6 MW of these are solar-powered.

The Trifonskaya solar plant was built in a record 5 months. The investment consists of 37,000 solar panels of the Chinese company JA Solar. The rest of the equipment, except for panels and inverters, is manufactured in Ukraine.

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Enel will develop charging stations for electric cars in Spain and Romania

Italian company Enel announced it will develop a network of charging stations for electric cars, a move that follows the global trend of gradual phasing out of fossil fuels.

Francesco Starace, general manager of the company, announced in Rome that Enel will start developing electricity distribution networks in Spain and Romania, as it has already done in Italy.

Frimu Ghinea 


Ingeteam’s new Indian wind converter factory becomes the first-ever facility to receive DNV GL’s shop approval certification in India

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion equipment, announced today that it received DNV GL’s “Shop Approval in Renewable Energy” certification for the wind converter manufacturing facility recently established by the company in the Tamil Nadu region. Ingeteam’s new facility is the first-ever wind converter factory to receive such a certificate in India. DNV GL’s Shop Approval is awarded upon successful completion of a comprehensive audit, and will enable Ingeteam to simplify the scope of subsequent quality inspections, or even, in some cases, exempt the company and its clients from audits for a period of three years.

DNV GL’s Shop Approval certification guarantees that a workshop operates within a high-standard manufacturing environment, and that adequate working procedures and methods are consistently deployed by qualified staff. It is independent from component, type or project certification and is always workshop specific. With this scheme, DNV GL offers next level certification and standardization, going beyond modules and elements to include all technical aspects laid down in standards and recommended practices.

“We are proud to be the very first manufacturer to receive this important certification for a wind converter manufacturing facility in India. It is a rigorous and wide-ranging audit that guarantees that Ingeteam manufactures products with an equal commitment to quality anywhere in the world. In addition, it will enable Ingeteam and its customers to deal with minimal DNV GL plant inspections for three years, thereby reducing the time and costs for any future equipment to be manufactured at our plant. It is a serious guarantee of manufacturing competitiveness that we are offering to customers,” explained Ion Etxarri Sangüesa, R&D Quality Team Leader of Ingeteam Wind Energy.

Ingeteam’s new Indian wind facility, built near Chennai, is poised to be a strategic manufacturing centre for Ingeteam’s business in India. It will enable the company to increase the supply of quality components to wind turbine manufacturers in this booming, and extremely competitive market. The 3,500 m² plant is equipped with state-of-the-art production technology and will manufacture electrical components following the same industry-leading standards and processes as Ingeteam’s other production facilities around the world.

“The scope of DNV GL’s Shop Approval standard goes well beyond the typical product certification. We are pleased to provide Ingeteam with this certificate, which is testament to their uncompromising commitment to quality in manufacturing processes”, concluded Kim Mørk, Executive Vice President, Renewables Certification at DNV GL.

press release

Ingeteam opens new high-tech production facility for electrical wind turbine components in India

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion and turbine control equipment, announced today that it just opened a new facility in the vicinity of Chennai to satisfy the demand for wind power converters and control cabinets by both local and international OEMs with operations in India.

Located in the Tamil Nadu region, Ingeteam’s new 3,500 m² facility is equipped with state-of-the-art production technology. The production plant in India will manufacture electrical components following the same stringent standards and processes as Ingeteam’s other production facilities in Spain, USA and Brazil.

The new facility has been specially developed to meet the needs of a promising and demanding market, such as India. This highly efficient as well as cost-effective production center is based on a modular design and can be easily modified. The production lines are extremely agile, so they can quickly be adapted to meet new client requirements. In addition, the floor space availability will enable Ingeteam to expand the facility on demand. Production at the new facility started in August, with first deliveries made in September. Serial production started in October.

“With this new plant, we are able to increase our delivery of reliable and quality products to wind turbine manufacturers in India’s extremely competitive market. The decision to manufacture locally was marked by the potential of the Indian market, by its protectionism and by the high potential of its people”, said Ana Goyen, Director of Ingeteam Wind Energy. “We will be there to serve our clients with the same parameters of quality, reliability and competitiveness that have always been at the core of Ingeteam. This is a further strategic step to positioning ourselves in this rapidly growing but legally secure market as the world’s leading supplier of wind power converters,” she continued.

Ingeteam entered the emerging Indian wind energy sector very early on, and now holds a 9% market share in the country. In 2017, a staggering 35% of the 4,148 MW wind capacity installed in India that year was equipped with Ingeteam’s technology.

“Although the Indian wind market has slowed down due to regulatory and commercial issues, we have no doubt that it will pick up again and continue with the positive overall growth trend it has set over the past few years. The fundamentals of growth are there and this market remains a key area of investment for Ingeteam in the long run,” commented Goyen.

India is a developing country with a growing need for energy and with limited fossil resources. For this reason, the Indian government has prioritized the development of renewable energies, particularly wind and solar energy. The drastic reduction in energy prices has demonstrated the success of this policy. The Indian market is expected to resume its fast development, as the government seeks to meet its targets of 175 GW of renewable capacity by 2022, with 60 GW of that coming from wind energy alone.


TIB – Bucharest International Technical Fair, 43 years of industry, technology, research and innovation

TIB 2018 takes place in one of the new exhibition areas that Romexpo has open in the fall of 2017 – Pavilion B1! With a total area of 11,905 square meters, pavilion B1 is the ideal location for hosting international fairs and exhibitions.

Related event October 11, hour 10-18
- Official launch of the installable course for solar photovoltaic systems - Dimensioning of solar installations
- Presentation of the National Photovoltaic Green House Program
- tribute 10 years AREL (Romanian Association of Electricians)
- demonstration workshop for electrical checks

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Hybrid cars in Turkey

Turkish automaker Oyak Renault will invest over 100 million euros in a hybrid aluminum factory located in northwestern Turkey where components for the next generation of hybrid cars will be produced, tell to Reuters Turkish Industry Minister Mustafa Varank. The Renault factory from Bursa produces about 360,000 vehicles per year.

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The multisectoral fair provides an excellent opportunity to present quality products and services, innovative trends and ideas. It is the annual biggest regional sales exhibition in the Northern Lithuania.

The trade show will take place 3 days from Tuesday, 29th November to Saturday, 1st December 2018 in Siauliai, Lithuania (Siauliai Arena, J. Jablonskio St. 16,Siauliai, Lithuania).

Audience: general public and professional visitors.

“Siauliai 2018” exhibitors use the fair to introduce new products and services in the target group. You are welcome to strengthen your contacts with existing customers and get new ones, find business partners in Lithuania.

Additionally international conference, seminars and B2B meetings are offered.

Registration yo exhibition: http://paroda.rumai.lt/?lg=en 

B2B Registration form
Companies and businessmen are kindly invited to make an application for the participation in the Sales Exhibition Trade Fair“SIAULIAI 2018”. Proceeding nice tradition it will be held for the 23nd time already.

Information (English/Russian): Siauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts, Vilniaus St. 88, LT-76285, Siauliai, Lithuania,tel. +370 41 525 504, 520560, fax. +370 41 523 903, E-mail: siauliai@chambers.lt


Amarenco becomes France's number one in rooftop solar after latest tender results

Amarenco, a leading European renewable energy IPP, has announced that it has become number one in the highly competitive 100kW-8MW rooftop solar segment in France, after winning 32MW in the latest CRE4.5 Buildings tender. Amarenco has been awarded a total capacity of more than 100MW across the five consecutive calls for tenders in this category, far ahead of Urbasolar (81MW) and Technique Solaire (68MW).

Amarenco’s rooftop projects are distributed across two development platforms, one of which was established in partnership with TOTAL SOLAR. To carry out the projects, the company will unlock more than €120 million of investment.

“Beyond this undisputed leadership position in France, it is important to point out that thanks to our high level of professionalism and deep expertise, Amarenco always builds all of its winning projects. Although this seems like a given, it is not always the case with French tenders, where low tariffs can prevent certain players from delivering their projects when subsequent price variations negatively impact on the construction costs”, commented Olivier Carré, President of Amarenco France.

With more than 80 employees divided between France and Ireland, and a French asset fleet of 1300 PV plants managed from its headquarters in south-west France, the company combines a strong local anchorage with large international ambitions. It currently has a development portfolio of close to 1GW, composed of projects located across Ireland, France, as well as other areas.

“We are proud of the strong growth momentum of our company. We also continue to recruit among the best talent in France because it is pre-eminently through our teams’ high level of expertise that Amarenco has become the leader in rooftop photovoltaics in this market. We are also about to carry out various other ambitious projects, which will be announced in the near future", adds Alain Desvigne, Chairman of the Amarenco board.

For the last 10 years, Amarenco France has been working in close partnership with agricultural landowners, local authorities and businesses. Its projects are particularly distinguished by their environmental requirements, their innovations, as well as their collaborative and participative approaches, which appealed to all farmers and businesses who join in this success.


Romania: 30,000 vouchers used in the Rabla program

According to the Environment Fund Administration from Romania, almost half of the 30,000 additional vouchers granted in the Rabla Program, which are changing an old car with a new one, have been exhausted. There are also approximately 15,000 scrapping bonuses for individuals. The Rabla program began in March 2018 for both individuals and legal entities, with 65 million euros budget allocated. The funds were supplemented this month by 44 million euros. Any Romanian who wants to buy a new car will charge 1444 euros and for a hybrid vehicle will receive another 377 euros.

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Romania signed the Hydrogen Initiative Statement

The period of operation of the existing coal-fired power stations should be prolonged until 2030 to ensure a clean transition to clean energy and to guarantee the security of energy supply, Anton Anton, Energy Minister Anton Anton, at the Energy Informal Council, organized in Linz (Austria), September 17-19.

The line minister also talked about the specificity of strategic reserves that can not be subject to market rules, and they operate only in exceptional situations and with limited duration.

Romania has signed the Declaration of the Hydrogen Initiative and is committed to continuing to engage in research and innovation on the use of hydrogen as a source of energy in the future. Technologies for the use of renewable hydrogen can be used in the storage of electricity, transport fuels and industry.

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RE-energy - Renewable Energy Expo 2018, Poland

The RE-energy Expo constitutes an international RES platform. Here the RES industry will show its innovative character. RE-energy stands not only for products and technologies but also conferences, seminars, and forums organized together with the trade’s most important organizations and associations from Poland and abroad. RE-energy constitutes a platform for exchanging knowledge, experiences, and presenting modern solutions which are going to make us reach the energy of the future. RE-energy constitutes the biggest trade meeting which brings together the most important players, all significant associations, and the media. The organizer invites everyone who wants to participate in the development of RES in Poland and abroad. We work together, beyond the divisions.

The location of RE-energy constitutes the best spot in Warsaw in terms of communication. The EXPO XXI Warsaw Center constitutes the only exposition facility located 10 minutes from the center of the city, at Wola – one of the most rapidly developing districts of Warsaw.

Renewable and decentralized energy
– Solid biomass
– Biogas
– Biofuels
Solar technology
– Solar thermal energy
– Solar energy – cooling
Storing energy
Heat pumps
Geothermal energy
Wind energy
Smart and energy-efficient buildings

Innovative and efficient energy use
Smart and energy-efficient buildings
Passive house
Positive-energy house
Active house
Innovative lighting technologies
Energy efficiency
Alternative mobility
Smart Energy – smart solutions in energy production

The following AWARDS will be presented during the trade fair:

Innovative Product Award
Innovative Technology Award
Top Polish Export Brand Award
Best Stand Award
Renewable Energy Industry – Personality of the Year Award

11-13 October 2018
Expo XXI Warsaw, Poland


Conference focused on the debate in the Romanian energy sector

The “Ține de Noi” Association together with the Hanns Seidel Foundation - Romania and Romania Energy Center invites you to attend a conference focused on the debate in the Romanian energy sector.

This year, Romania holds the presidency of the Energy Charter Conference. Next year, Romania will take over the presidency of the EU Council for the first time. Romania's regional and European responsibilities are on the increase. However, two years after Romania presented a new energy strategy, there is still no valid document, but only one project. Before the ink in the 2016 text was dry, another working group within the Energy Ministry was set up to adjust and update the forecast and the document prepared under the ministry's previous direction (Order of the Ministry of Energy no.473 / 15.06.2017, updated by order 543 of 25.07.2017, and subsequently updated by order no. 309 of 29.02.2018).

Meanwhile, the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, proposed by the European Commission in November 2016, stipulated that EU Member States should draw up, by January 2019, integrated National Energy and Climate Change (INECP) plans for the period 2021-2030. Under the Energy Union Regulation, Member States were required to produce the first such national plans by 1 January 2018. There was no public statement by the current Minister for Energy on this subject.

Thus, not only did Romania's 2016 national effort set a course for this sector remained in some kind of institutional limit (sent to the Ministry of Environment for approval at the beginning of 2017 and at the same time revised by a new group working in the Energy Ministry in July 2017), but it had to be merged with Romania's environmental strategy and presented to the European Commission for previewing by 1 January 2018.

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Ukraine: Over 30,000 Ukrainian households have taken out loans for energy-efficient home improvements

The EBRD-managed programme supporting energy efficiency in Ukrainian homes has reached a milestone of investing over UAH 1 billion (equivalent of over €30 million). More than 30,000 Ukrainian households took out loans from local commercial banks which participate in the programme to invest in green technologies for their homes; of those, over 20 thousand projects have already been verified as eligible for investment grants.

The loans have been made as part of Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (UREEFF), otherwise known as IQ energy, designed to promote energy efficiency investments. The facility is run by the EBRD and supported by €15 million in grant funding from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P)*, to which the European Union is the largest contributor, and where Ukraine is also one of the donors. Additional technical assistance funding is provided by Sweden.

source EBRD


Eurostat: percent of electricity from renewable sources in EU 2016 in each country

At the level of EU Member States, in five countries more than half of the electricity consumed in 2016 was generated from renewable sources: Austria (73 %), Sweden (65 %), Portugal and Denmark (both 54 %) and Latvia (51 %). In contrast, there were four countries where less than 10 % of the electricity consumed in 2016 came from renewable sources: Malta (6 %), Luxembourg and Hungary (both 7 %) and Cyprus (9 %).

source: Eurostat


Eurostat: Electricity generation from renewable sources in EU 2016

In 2016, electricity generation from renewable sources contributed more than one quarter (30 %) to total gross electricity consumption in the European Union (EU). Hydro power is the most important source, followed closely by wind power and then solar power. Other renewable sources for generating electricity include wood, biogas, renewable waste and geothermal energy.

Source: Eurostat


Serbia: UniCredit Bank Serbia receives €5.1 million loan for boosting energy efficiency

The EBRD is providing a loan of up to €5.1 million to UniCredit, in Serbia, to enhance its financing of the green economy. UniCredit Serbia is the second-largest bank in the country and second bank with EBRD support for energy efficiency.

The funds will be on-lent for investments in high-performance energy efficiency technologies, materials and solutions in residential buildings, for example to replace windows or doors, retrofit facades, procure heating equipment or thermal insulation material, PV panels, heat pumps, and other measures.

The goal is to reduce energy intensity and improve energy efficiency in accordance with the EBRD’s Green Economy Transition (GET) approach. With these investments households will not only become more energy efficient but will also decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, reducing their impact on the environment.

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Romania: Transelectrica supports the victims of the floods from June to July 2018

The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA from Romania is close to the people affected by the floods from June to July 2018 and granting through the Red Cross organization a total humanitarian aid of 40,000 lei ( approx 9000 euro).

Transelectrica offered sponsorships for the projects "Flood Victims Support 2018" and "Union for the Community - Post-Disaster Humanitarian Assistance for Victims of Floods", implemented by the Red Cross and Vrancea Red Cross, respectively. Beneficiaries of these projects are the victims of the two counties, Neamţ and Vrancea from Romania. The amounts awarded will be used to rehabilitate homes and household annexes affected by floods, as well as to distribute food and clothing to the families affected.

Also in the same line of social involvement, Transelectrica also sponsored the project "We Give Together", the Tulcea Red Cross, which consists of distributing food and hygiene products to the needy families in Tulcea County.

"We are glad to be able to join the people affected by natural disasters lately and help them with Red Cross volunteers to rebuild their lives. It is our duty to engage responsibly in community issues and to offer our support wherever it is necessary, especially when it comes to humanitarian actions, "said Adrian Constantin RUSU, Chief Executive Officer, President of the Transelectrica Directorate.


Turkey: EBRD financing with US$ 50 million four wind farms, US$ 52 million nine solar projects

The EBRD, a leading financier of renewable energy in Turkey and its other regions of operations, is providing a financing package of up to US$ 102 million to the renewable energy arm of the Turkish conglomerate Akfen Holding. The funds will be invested in building four new wind farms and nine solar PV plants with a combined capacity of 327MW.

The company is investing in four new wind farms with a total capacity of 242 MW: Ucpinar (99 MW), Kocalar (26 MW) and Hasanoba (51 MW) in Çanakkale, a province in north-western Turkey on the Dardanelles Strait, and Denizli (66 MW) in the eponymous province in the south west of the country.

For nine new solar photovoltaic plants in five locations across Turkey, the EBRD is lending up to US$ 52 million. The combined capacity of the new solar PV plants will be 85MW.

source EBRD


Enel will build 34 MW solar park in Australia

The Enel Group, through its renewable energy division, Enel Green Power Australia Pty Ltd. ("Enel Green Power Australia"), has won a 15 year support agreement with the Australian State of Victoria for power generation and green certificates following the construction of the Cohuna solar power plant with a capacity of 34 MW. The agreement was awarded in the context of the inverse renewable energy auction organized last year by the State of Victoria. The Cohuna Solar Plant, which will be built in collaboration with the local Leeson Group developer, is located in Gannawarra, Victoria, about 8 kilometers south of Cohuna.

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NRG Systems Purchases Direct Detect Lidar Technology Developed by Pentalum

NRG Systems, a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: ESE), announced that it has acquired a portfolio of advanced technology developed by Pentalum, an Israeli company that specialized in remote sensing solutions for wind measurement. Founded in 2009, Pentalum pioneered low-cost Lidar solutions that have been deployed by customers in the wind resource assessment, wind farm operations, forecasting, and research markets globally.

Pentalum’s principal innovation was their patented Direct Detect Lidar technology that is able to deliver the high precision and reliability of Lidar at a significantly lower cost compared to conventional Doppler Lidar technologies. Pentalum deployed this technology in their SpiDAR® Vertical Wind Profiler beginning in 2012 and it is now in use on five continents. NRG Systems’ President, Justin Wheating, commented, “NRG has played an active role in the global wind energy market for over three decades and we recognize the growing importance of Lidar in resource measurement and wind farm operations. Pentalum’s technology, when paired with NRG’s global sales and service capabilities, is a significant advantage for our customers, and a great new opportunity for customers who could not previously justify the high cost of Doppler Lidar solutions.”

In addition to its favorable pricepoint, SpiDAR is a rugged, market-proven product that measures wind with high reliability and accuracy at the range of heights required by wind farms all over the world. When coupled with NRG-equipped met towers, SpiDAR delivers excellent flexibility, performance, and cost efficiency. 

NRG Systems will work with its global partner network to offer sales, technical support and integrated services, such as remote power supply, making this product a truly complete solution for customers around the world. Wheating said, “Our customers have been asking us for a full service, integrated wind measurement solution that includes the latest tower based and remote sensing capabilities and we now have that for them.”

The company plans to begin shipping new SpiDAR units in early 2019 and will start offering complete service to existing SpiDAR customers in the coming weeks. NRG Systems will continue to work in close partnership with Leosphere to sell and support Leosphere’s Windcube Lidar in North America.


ensibo adopts QOS Energy’s innovative O&M software to streamline management of 120 MW PV portfolio

ensibo, a German-based solar O&M service provider, has chosen QOS Energy’s Qantum® software to streamline the management of the 120 MW solar PV portfolio under its care. Qantum® is an innovative cloud analytics platform that enables the efficient aggregation and analysis of raw data streams generated by ensibo’s plants.

ensibo is an independent provider of O&M services for solar power plants, and operates a wide diversity of solar installations across several countries in Europe and Asia. The company services solar PV plants ranging from 250 kWp to 50 MWp for renewable energy investors, asset managers and independent power producers. To optimise plant revenue, ensibo needs to efficiently treat the massive stream of data generated by the projects on a daily basis; regardless of the asset type, location or technical configuration.

“Our clients expect to extract the maximum value from their solar investment by increasing power production and reducing downtimes on the long-term. O&M Services play a vital role to achieve this goal and ensibo is their partner of choice for this. Our  team of highly-qualified engineers and technicians works on 365 days per year to ensure the optimum performance for each of our customers plants,” explained Jan Gäde, Commercial Director at ensibo.

ensibo’s clients operate PV plants using a wide range of of data acquisition systems and inverters. These PV plants are sometimes sophisticated facilities that include hundreds of inverters, combiner boxes, as well as tens of thousands of sensors, which generate up to 20.000 measured and calculated values every 5 minutes. The Qantum® renewable energy management platform seamlessly gathers the information from the plants’ monitoring systems, and transforms the data into comprehensive analytics, dashboards, alerts and events.

“QOS Energy’s management platform is a smart and flexible solution that offers the data acquisition, analytics, ticketing system, and reporting features required to achieve that goal in a cost-efficient manner,” continued Melanie von Borstel, Co-Founder and Operations Director of ensibo.

The cloud-based Qantum® suite features a complete set of customisable charts, dashboards, KPIs and alerts, helping users to gain a deeper understanding of the assets’ performance, thereby maximising operational performance. The platform also offers a fully integrated maintenance management system to help reduce downtime by streamlining maintenance workflows for large and complex renewable energy portfolios.

“With our solar monitoring software solution, ensibo can visualise and manage global asset performance using a simple web browser. It makes it much easier to identify under performance and increase power production across a complex and diverse renewable asset base. Our software’s back-end is able to gather the raw information generated by the plants to create advanced plant management intelligence,” explained Franck Le Breton, CEO of QOS Energy.


Discussions on the Offshore Law of Romania

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry arrives in Bucharest from 17-18 September for bilateral talks on the Offshore law how will be adopted by the Romanian Parliament. The law concerns the taxation of 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas from the Marine Platform of Black Sea which Romania will exploit. The companies involved ExxonMobile, OMV and Lukoil respectively Black Sea Oil and Gas (controlled by Carlyle) also had meetings with members of the government and parliament.

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PlayEnergy educational program dedicated to secondary schools and high schools to promote knowledge about energy. Participants from 10 countries

Enel launches the 12th edition of the PlayEnergy national competition, an educational program dedicated to gymnasiums and high schools, which aims to promote energy knowledge through unconventional methods. Teachers of gymnasium and lyceum cycles can enroll for participation in the competition from 10 September to 22 December 2018.

To participate, teachers have to form and coordinate a team of up to 5 students from the same stage of study (gymnasium or high school). Projects can be made in any format, from power point presentation to practical applications or experiments. Teachers and students can download the PlayEnergy 2018 kit free at http://playenergy.enel.com, which is available in all languages ​​of the countries.

Play Energy is the international educational program developed by Enel in 10 countries where the group is active (Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Italy, Panama, Romania, Russia, Uruguay and Spain) dedicated to gymnasium and high schools. The project was launched in 2003 with the aim of spreading a responsible energy culture among the younger generation. Through its international vocation and game-based educational approach, PlayEnergy is a unique project in Romania, where it was introduced for the first time in 2006.

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Romania: The financing guide for the photovoltaic installation program will be launched by October 15th

The financing guide for the photovoltaic installation program will be launched by October 15, said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment, Gratiela Gavrilescu, adding that every Romanian who wants to install such a photovoltaic cell will could settle up to 4,600 euros.

"Installing photovoltaic cells is a program that needs to start and we do not currently have a very small amount, because it is 100 million euros, and together with the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of European Funds through the Environmental Fund Administration, we will be able to launch the project. We will launch the financing guide by October 15, so that every Romanian who wants to install such 3kW photovoltaic cell can do it, and we give it a The amount up to which we can settle is 4,600 euros, "said at Antena 3 tv station.

Frimu Ghinea


Ingeteam develops new optimal offshore power conversion architecture based on in-depth LCoE R&D study

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion and turbine control equipment, announced today that a recent in-house R&D study allowed them to work out the optimal electrical power conversion designs for offshore wind turbines up to 15 MW. The research, taking into account the complex set of parameters at play in LCoE, enabled the company to develop a Medium Voltage Power Converter based on the parallelization of several conversion lines (core product) reaching up to the 15 MW power range. Ingeteam claims that its new design is the ideal solution for scaling up offshore turbine platforms and will present its converter and the associated research at the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg next month.

Ingeteam’s R&D study assessed the complex relationship between the cost of the power conversion stage and its reliability and maintainability metrics (MTBF and MTTR respectively[1]) to determine the lowest LCoE. Based on the study findings, Ingeteam found that the optimal solution for the offshore wind market is a Medium Voltage Power Converter based on the parallelization of several conversion lines (core product) reaching up to the 15 MW power range. The power conversion line designed by Ingeteam offers the best investment/availability ratio, with efficient operation, easy maintenance and improved reliability.

“With current technologies, as well as the expected progress in materials and engineering integration, we think that offshore wind turbines will continue to rapidly increase their power capacity. Therefore, a robust medium voltage power converter has been developed focusing on a market that demands a low Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) without compromising quality or performance in wind turbine platforms that are continuously scaling up”, commented Ana Goyen, Director of Ingeteam Wind Energy.

Ingeteam’s new core product is capable of reaching the 15 MW power range and has been conceived considering the modularity of the system as a key feature. It therefore allows multiple solutions depending on customer requirements regarding the integration in the wind turbine. The design of the converter offers maintenance friendly characteristics with front access and withdrawable main components that directly contribute to minimize the OPEX related to the service of the wind turbine.

This medium voltage converter has been specially designed for the offshore market with fully enclosed cabinet and a liquid cooling system that guarantees the safe operation of the converter even in harsh environments. With efficiencies higher than >98% at rated operating conditions, the proposed solution contributes significantly to minimize the production losses of the wind turbine.

Ingeteam has developed the control algorithms of its full power converters to guarantee the fulfillment of the most demanding grid codes, such as, German EON-2006 and Indian CERC-CEA. Additionally, country-specific power quality requirements are fulfilled by applying advanced modulation strategies. Ingeteam’s medium voltage converter solution is able to control the torque of different types of generators (IG, PMG or EESG) with the highest performance dynamics but always remaining within winding and bearing limits. Finally, the control algorithms can be adapted to operate with single and multiphase stator generators in order to optimize the whole wind turbine solution.


ENECO 2018 Plovdiv Bulgaria. International Exhibition of Power Engineering and Ecology

The International Specialized Exhibition ENECO presents innovations in power engineering and ecology. The main focus is on innovations to reduce power costs and harmful effects on environment. 

ENECO enables companies, operating in both sectors to showcase their products to a wide range of users. The number of exhibitors increases every year as they find new clients in industry, in the public sector and in households.



Technologies, facilities and equipment for environmental protection
Products and materials for application in ecology
Treatment plants
Environment parameters monitoring
Waste management – storage, extraction and obtaining basic raw materials
Sewage treatment and recovery
Maintaining the purity of air
Technologies and installations for management of environmental catastrophes
Sanitary and disinfection systems


Bioenergy, renewable energy sources, secondary energy resources
Energy efficiency, energy conversion
Energy generation
Technologies and equipment for production and consumption of energy resources
Technologies, systems and materials for power engineering
Refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning and heating equipment
Local heating appliances, boilers
Equipment for heating large premises

September 24 -29 2018

International Fair Plovdiv
37, Tzar Boris III
Obedinitel Blvd
4003, Plovdiv
+359 (0)32 902 000
+359 (0)32 902 432


Azerenerji has a new president

On September 4, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev signed an order to release Balababa Huseynaga oglu Rzayev as president of Azerigysh OJSC and appointed President Azerenerji OJSC.

The head of the Azerbaijan also signed an order to release Etibar Sinabeddin oglu Pirverdiyev from the post of president of Azerenerji OJSC.

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Grid Edge Innovation - Technologies, Business Models and the Future of Demand Flexibility (Free Webinar)

As the grid has become more decentralized and decarbonized, the need for a flexible and digitally managed grid have increased drastically. A part of this challenge stems from reduced visibility, control and arguably, revenues for the utilities and system operators. At the same time, the tools available to run a well-orchestrated grid have moved closer to the customers. This whitepaper will  look at one potential future where a suite of customer focused grid edge solutions is commonly resourced to enhance grid flexibility. Some of the technologies included in the study are standalone and solar paired storage, load control and electric vehicle charging. Beyond just examining the state of the technology and historical deployments, the whitepaper will assess the state of the marketplace, including players, business models and most interesting developments.

Free Webinar: Grid Edge Innovation - Technologies, Business Models and the Future of Demand Flexibility

Thu, Sep 6, 2018 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EEST

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US$ 135 million in GEF grants expected to support US$ 1.5 billion of EBRD green finance

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) promotes green economies in all the regions where it invests. Since 2004, it has developed strong cooperation with the Global Environment Facility (GEF) which has provided grants worth US$ 135 million for co-financing, technical cooperation and concessional finance to help the Bank address climate change and environmental degradation.

With the support of the GEF for projects ranging from renewable energy to energy efficiency and climate resilience, the EBRD is expected to invest up to US$ 1.5 billion to foster the transition to greener economies from Morocco to Mongolia, from Estonia to Egypt.

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BioEnergy market have been growing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. BioEnergy projects, including bio-fuels, electricity and heat energy generation from biomass and biogas, have been implemented.
BioEnergy is available energy resource that can contribute in long term energy independence and stability for individuals, local communities and more. Biomass, Pellets, Biofuels, generally bioenergy might be the key for national economy development in the region, not yet recognised as a chance for sustainable development.

Now we are facing the consequences and challenging rapid increase of pellet demand and production. Not only pellet production but technology development is very common in BiH. Dozens of certified pellet producers and biofuel boilers producers build up their future in BiH, Regional and EU market. Domestic consumption in BiH is growing. It is a fact that I believe will stabilize relationships in the long run, develop the market and thus become the main heating energy resources.Once again I want to stress that no other energy source is CO2 neutral and in the same time accessible, distributed and always available, as biomass.

These ideas, experiences, obstacles and benefits faced by bioenergy consumers and producers as well challenges and potentials of bioenergy utilisation will be introduces to participants.

Thursday, 25th October 2018
Venue:Congress Centre Sarajevo, Hills Hotel, Sarajevo
Time: 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
Moderator: Vanja Curin, Governance Board Member at AEBIOM

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