Romania: How you can become Energy Independent, the Workshop has become a landmark for renowned specialists

In the senate hall of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, the Rectorate Building held the Workshop on How to become Independent Energy as part of the RoEnergy 2018 International Fair in Bucharest.

Experts in energy and renewable energies participated.

The presentations of the event were as follows:

- Future Homes - Sustainable, Efficient, Comfortable, Mihai Băiceanu, Project Engineer, EFdeN
- Energy Independence - Technology Independent - Case Study: 3 years in the first certified house in Romania, Béla Barabás, EVO HOUSE
- Storage or injection into the network - What's more advantageous? Ioan Faur, F Design
- How to develop small photovoltaic plants in Romania? Legislative barriers. Dumitru Cuciureanu, director of Q srl
- Ultimate solutions for the prosumer development, Ion Murgescu, ICPE-CA
- The influence of renewable energy on the electricity market, Daniela Dima, Energy Trader Specialist, VIENNA ENERGY FORTA NATURALA SRL
- Electrosecurity - an integral part of the socio-technical work system, Dr. Daniel N. Fîţă, AREL member, president of the Romanian Association of Electrosecurity

The event's moderators were Ion Murgescu from ICPE-CA and Vlad Dinu from EFdEN.

During the event, debates were held, and several times the ruling class was pointed out because it failed to connect Romania's legislation with that of the European Union, leading to blockages and delays in the field after, not so many years ago, the country ours was in vanguard.



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