Loans totalling €130 million will finance investments in new electricity and heat cogeneration units in Zagreb to replace outdated oil- and gas-fired turbines and boilers

The inhabitants of Zagreb stand to benefit from a large investment in the modernisation of their electricity and heat supply under a joint effort by the EBRD, the EIB and the European Commission’s “Juncker Plan”.

The loan proceeds will be used for the installation of two low-NOx gas turbines, two heat recovery steam generators and one back pressure steam turbine producing heat and electricity at the Elektrana-toplana combined heat and power (EL TO CHP) plant close to the centre of Zagreb. The capacity of the new combined cycle gas turbine units will be 150 MW of electrical energy and 114 MW of thermal energy, with lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The new units will be fuelled by low-emission gas, and generate electricity for the grid and heat for district heating in north-western Zagreb, replacing obsolete, mostly heat-only, gas and oil-fired units. It is a critical part of Zagreb’s energy infrastructure and the investment will ensure implementation of a modern and environmentally friendly project satisfying the heating requirements of the city and all national and EU environmental standards.

The loan financing will be split between the EBRD with a €87 million loan and EIB with €43 million. The project will be implemented at Elektrana-toplana Zagreb, a power plant fully owned and operated by HEP Group.

source EBRD


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