Moldova: a new kindergarten, renovated with Romanian money, was inaugurated in Mateuţi

The "Steluta" kindergarten in Mateuţi village, Rezina rayon has been renovated within the Program of technical and financial assistance granted by the Government of Romania to preschool institutions in the Republic of Moldova administered by the Moldova Social Investment Fund (MSIF).

The Mateuţi Primaria (Village Hall), Rezina rayon, in 2016 submitted to MSIF a request for reconstruction of the kindergarten in the locality. The facility was built in 1967 and since then has not benefited from any major repairs. A single room was functioning in the institution, with a maximum capacity of 25 children. Thank to the financial support provided by the Romanian Government, the kindergarten was rebuilt.

Following the implementation of the sub-project, the following general construction works were carried out in the kindergarten: the premis of the kindergarten has been reconstructed, a new roof has been arranged, the interior and exterior works have been carried out, new doors and windows have been installed, new floors have been installed, new heating and ventilation systems have been installed, electricity, water supply, and sewage systems have been repared, landscaping works have been carried aut (pavement has been arranged, the playground has been installed). The kindergarten has been equipped with furniture for provided means", MSIF Executive Director, Mircea Esanu, said.

At present, the institution consists of 3 educational modules, which include an activity/rest room, a bathroom unit for children, cloakrooms, a medical cabinet, a kitchen, an office for kitchen staff, a boiler house, a laundry and a linen storeroom, an office for teachers and managers. At present, the kindergarten is attended by 75 children. The project implementation period: 2017-2018.

The Government of Romania has allocated 26 million euros through the "Program of Technical and Financial Assistance granted by the Romanian Government for the renovation of preschool institutions in the Republic of Moldova" for the renovation and equipping of kindergartens in the Republic of Moldova. 845 kindergartens in our country have been renovated for these funds (945 sub-projects in total).

The Moldova Social Investment Fund (MSIF) is the institution selected for implementing and managing the Program.

source: FISM 


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