Ukraine:The Kness Group invests in a factory for photo-voltaic panels

The Kness Group which has built to date, 33 of photo-voltaic parks that produce 224Mw in seven provinces of Ukraine decided to make an investment in a factory for photo-voltaic panels. Thus in the town of Vinnytsya will produce 200 Mw of photo-voltaic panels. The plant will have two production lines and is expected its completion in the year 2019.

"Such a factory of solar panels is a significant contribution not only in Ukraine but also in the region's economy, employment of population and the development of national industry" - said Sergei Savciuc President Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti Ukraine.

It is worth remembering that the producers who use local facilities green benefit from an increase of the rate of 10 percent.

"In general, it is good to note that renewable energy gives a boost to create new production facilities. For example, the factory that produces solar panels, has won this year, Energodar (competition energy) of the Zaporozhye region", - said S. Savciuc.

The appearance on the domestic market of new producers will contribute to increased competition and the solar panels will become more affordable. At the same time, it is important that these facilities will boost the country's economy.

Mihai Vintilă


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