Conference focused on the debate in the Romanian energy sector

The “Ține de Noi” Association together with the Hanns Seidel Foundation - Romania and Romania Energy Center invites you to attend a conference focused on the debate in the Romanian energy sector.

This year, Romania holds the presidency of the Energy Charter Conference. Next year, Romania will take over the presidency of the EU Council for the first time. Romania's regional and European responsibilities are on the increase. However, two years after Romania presented a new energy strategy, there is still no valid document, but only one project. Before the ink in the 2016 text was dry, another working group within the Energy Ministry was set up to adjust and update the forecast and the document prepared under the ministry's previous direction (Order of the Ministry of Energy no.473 / 15.06.2017, updated by order 543 of 25.07.2017, and subsequently updated by order no. 309 of 29.02.2018).

Meanwhile, the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" package, proposed by the European Commission in November 2016, stipulated that EU Member States should draw up, by January 2019, integrated National Energy and Climate Change (INECP) plans for the period 2021-2030. Under the Energy Union Regulation, Member States were required to produce the first such national plans by 1 January 2018. There was no public statement by the current Minister for Energy on this subject.

Thus, not only did Romania's 2016 national effort set a course for this sector remained in some kind of institutional limit (sent to the Ministry of Environment for approval at the beginning of 2017 and at the same time revised by a new group working in the Energy Ministry in July 2017), but it had to be merged with Romania's environmental strategy and presented to the European Commission for previewing by 1 January 2018.

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