ENECO 2018 Plovdiv Bulgaria. International Exhibition of Power Engineering and Ecology

The International Specialized Exhibition ENECO presents innovations in power engineering and ecology. The main focus is on innovations to reduce power costs and harmful effects on environment. 

ENECO enables companies, operating in both sectors to showcase their products to a wide range of users. The number of exhibitors increases every year as they find new clients in industry, in the public sector and in households.



Technologies, facilities and equipment for environmental protection
Products and materials for application in ecology
Treatment plants
Environment parameters monitoring
Waste management – storage, extraction and obtaining basic raw materials
Sewage treatment and recovery
Maintaining the purity of air
Technologies and installations for management of environmental catastrophes
Sanitary and disinfection systems


Bioenergy, renewable energy sources, secondary energy resources
Energy efficiency, energy conversion
Energy generation
Technologies and equipment for production and consumption of energy resources
Technologies, systems and materials for power engineering
Refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning and heating equipment
Local heating appliances, boilers
Equipment for heating large premises

September 24 -29 2018

International Fair Plovdiv
37, Tzar Boris III
Obedinitel Blvd
4003, Plovdiv
+359 (0)32 902 000
+359 (0)32 902 432


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