Ukraine: Over 30,000 Ukrainian households have taken out loans for energy-efficient home improvements

The EBRD-managed programme supporting energy efficiency in Ukrainian homes has reached a milestone of investing over UAH 1 billion (equivalent of over €30 million). More than 30,000 Ukrainian households took out loans from local commercial banks which participate in the programme to invest in green technologies for their homes; of those, over 20 thousand projects have already been verified as eligible for investment grants.

The loans have been made as part of Ukraine Residential Energy Efficiency Financing Facility (UREEFF), otherwise known as IQ energy, designed to promote energy efficiency investments. The facility is run by the EBRD and supported by €15 million in grant funding from the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P)*, to which the European Union is the largest contributor, and where Ukraine is also one of the donors. Additional technical assistance funding is provided by Sweden.

source EBRD


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