BUDMA 2018 – a summary of the most important construction fair

BUDMA 2018 in numbers:
nearly 1,000 exhibitors (BUDMA, KOMINKI, INTERMASZ, INFRATEC fairs altogether)
over 150 registered new products

20 registered market premieres as part of the BUDMA Premieres Club
42 products received prestigeuos  MTP Gold Medals award (distribution per fair: 35 BUDMA, 5 Kominki, 2 Intermasz)
About 100 conferences, presentations, training sessions and events accompanying the BUDMA Fair
2 700 press releases, information on TV, websites and forums as well  as discussion forums (between 1 September to 5 February)
46,000 Fair guests during the 4 days dedicated to the construction industry!

Second Economic Forum of Civil Engineering and Architecture
The new regulations, rules of the "National Property Holding", competitiveness of Polish construction companies on foreign markets – these are just some of the topics that were discussed during the 2nd Economic Construction Engineering Forum and Construction Engineering Days, which provided a tremendous amount of knowledge during the BUDMA Fair.
At the Forum, also the topics of the quality of public space in the context of its accessibility for people with disabilities were addressed. The discussion also concerned the future of the construction industry, during which the invited guests tried to answer the question whether the automation of production and exports is a chance for the continuous development of Polish companies. Among the topics addressed during the Forum, there were also the ones concerning the future of workforce and professionals the lack of whom starts to be noticeable on the Polish construction market.

Selected topics addressed during the Forum:
• The competitiveness of Polish construction companies and manufacturers of construction products on export markets
• The future of the construction industry – is automation of production and exports a chance for the continuous development of Polish construction companies?
• Quality of public space
• Bim – digital revolution in the construction industry
• Industrial construction yesterday, today and tomorrow
• Staff and companies vs. the order portfolio. What are specialists missing on the market?
• The situation and trends in the field of vocational training for the construction industry

The Economic Forum of Civil Engineering and Architecture was held under the auspices of and in cooperation with: Honorary Patronage: Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction

Co-organizers: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers, Polish Chamber of Commerce of the Construction Industry, Wielkopolska Region Chamber of Construction Engineers
Industry Partners: Ministry of Education, Building Research Institute, Polish Cluster of Construction Industry Exporters, Eastern Construction Cluster, Polish Windows and Doors Association, Lewiatan Association, Education Development Centre, Polish Investment and Trade Agency, Polish Association of Construction Industry Employers, Polish Association of Developers, Public Procurement Department, Association of Polish Cities, Budowlani Trade Union, Integracja Foundation, ASM – Market Research and Analysis Centre

BUDMA Champions Show. 9th Polish Championships of Young Roofers

Steep roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs and facades – in such contest categories young roofers (aged up to 26 years) began to compete during the BUDMA Fair. Among the competing teams, Polish national team was selected to take part in the World Championships of Young Roofers, which will be held in Latvia in autumn 2018.

The event Partners were the following companies: Braas, Blachy Pruszyński, Icopal, BudMat, Yetico, Blachotrapez, Balex Metal, Roben, Fakro, Soudal, Velux, Ruuki, B.Pro, Festool, Sorex.

The art of parquet floor laying

It is in Poznań where the most important event for the parquet floor industry in 2018 was held – the International Polish Championship of Young Parquet Layers. This time, in addition to the representatives of Poland, the competition was attended by contestants from Belarus, the Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine. Polish Champion and Runner-Up will represent Polish parquet layers during the European Championship, which will take place in Minsk. An additional advantage for the participants of the Championship was the fact that the works made during the competition were treated as the exam tasks completed to obtain an apprentice or master certificate in the parquet layer profession.

The event programme also included presentations and demonstrations of the latest products and technologies in parquet floor laying, lectures by specialists and experts who presented the latest trends in design, as well as open training for surveyors.
The Championship was organized by the Polish Association of Parquet Layers. The event Partners included: Festool, Bochem, Bautec Dr. Schutz, Eukula, HartzLack, Janser, Mafell, Mat-Tar, Polski Związek Handlu i Usług Branży Pokryć Podłogowych, Walczak.

Trowel made of gold

Nearly 70 vocational schools registered their participation in one of the few competitions designed for students of construction vocational schools! The 48th edition of the "Golden Trowel" Construction Tournament gave the students an opportunity to present their skills in such categories as e.g. bricklayer, painter, floor layer, fitter or roofer. In Poznań, we saw the best of those representing their schools and professions, and who were struggling not only for prestige but also for valuable prizes and for being exempt from the exam confirming professional qualifications.

The competition was organised by the Polish Association of Construction Industry Education. The competition Partners included: Fakro, Stowarzyszenie Przemysłu Wapienniczego, Akademia Techniczna, PPG Deco, Bricoman, Giacomini, MPGN.

Proper woodwork installation - MONTERIADA

During the 3rd edition of MONTERIADA at the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair, the event participants had an opportunity to see live what the installation of products by leading woodwork companies looks like.  In the shows, cutting-edge tools, installation systems and accessories were used. This year's new element was a demonstration of roller shutters installation with control and fittings adjustment.

Those who visited the MONTERIADA 2018 stand had an opportunity to meet companies' experts who explained in an accessible way all technical issues and talked about products. The installation process could not only be observed but also performed oneself – as part of the competition for the fastest "fitters" from the audience, special prizes had been prepared. Also a press conference and a visit of students of "DOBRY MONTAŻ" (GOOD ASSEMBLY) vocational training classes from two vocational schools.

MONTERIADA 2018 partners included: AIB, Aluplast, FAKRO, GERDA, Hörmann, Klimas Wkręt -met, Lahti Pro, Porta KMI Poland, Somfy, Soudal, Stanley Black&Decker, VORNE.

The Legend is Back – INTERMASZ at BUDMA!

Construction industry without machines? Unimaginable... Poland's largest exhibition of machinery, vehicles and construction equipment, after a few-year break, once again was held along with the most important meeting of the construction industry in Poland! The consolidation of the two events allowed us to comprehensively present the best in the construction industry, including innovative and technologically advanced machinery.

Who nowadays can imagine a constitution site without the support of construction machinery? Even in smaller, individual investments, the equipment is used thanks to which you may save much time necessary for the preparation of e.g. excavations for foundations or pouring concrete. Currently proposed construction equipment offers something more – the convenience of operation, operator safety and lower operating costs thanks to the latest technology. The event participants had an opportunity to see such machines, compare them and choose the ones that respond to our demands most. It is all thanks to the INTERMASZ Construction Machinery Fair, which, after a few years, again was held simultaneously with the BUDMA Construction Fair.

Architects' time
The 4 exhibition days were filled with events aimed at architects and designers who during BUDMA could find not only hundreds of the latest and inspiring products presented by the exhibitors but also meet world-renowned architects, take part in debates and also see more than 130 works and implementation by architectural companies and studios from entire Poland!

1m/ARCH (1 metre for an architect) was, for the first time during BUDMA, a place of presenting the accomplishments and achievements of more than 130 architectural companies and studios. Specially arranged space of the mezzanine in Hall 3A was also a place of meetings and consultations with architects, frequently attended not only by the architects themselves but also investors who were interested in often custom, interesting architectural solutions.

Design 4 Senses
Unique, unconventional solutions, unusual design, perfect form and texture – every day in our work we look for materials which will bring our projects to another level and meet or even exceed the expectations of our customers. It is also thanks to top-class products and technological solutions that our works have a chance to stand out from the surrounding architecture, become noticed and appreciated by architects, but above all by outsiders.

It was in the Design 4 Senses zone that we could find the products and solutions that would meet even the highest requirements of each project. Design 4 Senses presented unique, exclusive product offers by such brands as Alusky, Fakro, Finishparkiet, Hörmann, or Schody Marchewka.

MVRDV – discovering "Baltic Tower" in Poznań
What was the idea of the creators of the Baltic Tower in Poznań, an internationally renowned architectural studio? The story behind this modern, bold as for the Poznań (and probably even Polish) standards building, was told on the second day of BUDMA. The special guest was Fokke Moerel from the Dutch MvRdV studio, a company that has won numerous prestigious awards, creating unusual works that are always designed from scratch, without the use of the forms of expressions already utilised.

Let's talk about space
A fixed element in the series of events aimed mainly at architects during the BUDMA Fair is the architectural debate. The theme of this year's meeting, attended by artists dealing with e.g. describing and popularisation of knowledge about architecture and urban planning, was "Telling Space Story". The invited guests attempted to answer several questions, for example how to talk about space, which media to use, what language to use to convey information and to whom it should be addressed. Also, the issue of education and condition of knowledge about the architecture of an average Polish customer was discussed.
The debate was moderated by a well-known, respected architecture critic, journalist Jakub Głaz.

Traditionally drawn architectural designs
It is already the fourth edition of the Architectural Sketches competition, in which participants faced the challenge of preparing a drawing by hand presenting the impact of selected technologies and materials on quality, looks and character of architecture. This time the students of architecture faculties were supposed to present "Man in Space" by means of conventional techniques, using a pencil, rapidograph, pen, marker or crayon.

"The current curriculum at universities pushes drawing by hand aside, which makes young architects lose the ability to use the traditional technique. Most architectural projects used to be started by performing a sketch, committing emotions, a vision of a given construction to paper, and that is why through the competition we try to promote this somewhat forgotten skill, which is still important in our profession." - says Ryszard Gruda, National Council of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. - "This year's theme of the competition, "Man in Space", gives the participants almost unlimited room for manoeuvre to show their imagination." - he adds.

From dozens of submitted works, only ten were selected for the final. The expert Jury nominated 10 works for the final, and this year's winners are:
1st place – Julia Niemczyk – University of Arts in Poznań
2nd place – Sara Drozd – Cracow University of Technology
3rd place – Izabela Kazimierska – Poznań University of Technology.
Once again, the "Audience's Choice" prize was awarded. The Internet voting was attended by over 3,000 participants, who chose the work by Izabela Kazimierska with just a minimal difference of votes.

The events dedicated to architects are organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland.

As early as today, we would like to invite you to the 28th edition of the BUDMA International Construction and Architecture Fair!
5-8 February 2019, Poznań.


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