Ukraine: The Trifonovskaya Solar Park was opened with a capacity of 10 MW

On September 27 in the Herson region, solemnly opened the Trifonovskaya solar power station with a capacity of 10 MW. In a year, it will generate 11-12 million kWh of "clean" electricity. This will be enough to supply electricity to the inhabitants of the 15 surrounding villages, which is actually a third of the Velyko Aleksandrovsky neighborhood.

According to the Regional State Administration of Herson, the project was implemented in a memorandum on the cooperation between the State Duma and DTEK. Ukrgasbank also joined the construction of the plant, providing a loan of 7.1 million euros.

"Another solar power plant has been successfully built and already generates clean electricity for Ukrainian families." This event demonstrates that financial and business institutions have stepped up in this area, due to legislative changes, green tariff improvements ", The removal of" local content ", the introduction of long-term contracts on" clean "electricity and other" - said Director of Renewable Energies Yuriy Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti Shafarenko at the opening.

As Y. Shafarenko explained, due to regulatory changes in the last 2 years, the development of renewable energy has been reviving. For example, in 2016, 121 MW of energy was introduced. It is 4 times more than in 2015. For the 7 months of 2017, 166.1 MW were introduced, which is more than for the whole of the past year. Interestingly, 155.6 MW of these are solar-powered.

The Trifonskaya solar plant was built in a record 5 months. The investment consists of 37,000 solar panels of the Chinese company JA Solar. The rest of the equipment, except for panels and inverters, is manufactured in Ukraine.

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