Energy efficiency through subsidized programs in Ukraine brings results

Ukrainian authorities in cooperation with the State Department for Energy Efficiency of Ukraine, help the population to improve housing by allocating additional funds to local energy co-financing programs.

For example, the budget for the Zhytomyr region has increased from 1 million UAH (almost 32,000 euros) to 5 million UAH (alamost 159,000 euros). At present, the possibility of allocating additional funds is being considered.

With 2.8 million UAH (almost 89,000 euros) was financed the program in the city of Kherson The total budget of the program until 2018 is 3.1 million UAH (almost 99,000 euros).

An additional allocation of 1.8 million UAH (almost 57000 euros) was allocated in addition to the local program in the city of Berdyansk. The demand for the program was so large that already the total amount of funds reached 2.5 million UAH (almost 79000 euros).

Effective cooperation between local authorities and the public is done to:

- reducing energy consumption
- improving the energy efficiency of housing
- increasing the well-being of families.

In total, 163 local energy efficiency programs with a total budget of about 150 million UAH (almost 2.76 million euros) have been launched.



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