Romania. The program for photovoltaic panels will start in January

Individuals who want to install photovoltaic panels with which to generate electricity can benefit from a new financing program - the Ministry of Environment. And the novelty of the program is that panel owners will be able to deliver the surplus to the national grid by redeeming the investment.

The financing guide has already been published in the Official Gazette and stipulates that any natural person can receive up to 20,000 lei to install photovoltaic panels for his own home. The Ministry finances the purchase of all elements of a photovoltaic system from the panels to the installation project. The program will have three stages. The first part of the calendar provides for the registration of operators who can install such panels.

President of the Environment Fund, Cornel Brezuică, the coordinator of the program, says that this stage will start in January.

Cornel Brezuică: All these investments will be made through these installers, through these economic operators who have the right to operate on the network, to do electricity works. The condition is to have a B-type license from ANRE. We will validate everyone who has the interest to work on the project. They will sign a contract with the Environmental Fund and from that time these plumbers can mount for all individuals who want to access the project.

The second step will be in March, when subscriptions of interested individuals begin to install photovoltaic panels. They will file their file once they have chosen one of the plumbers on the list approved by the Environment Fund. After the validation of the files will follow the final stage, ie installation of the system. The novelty of this program not only concerns the financing of the photovoltaic plant but also the fact that the surplus energy produced by individuals can be delivered directly to the national energy system. In other words, what you do not consume can be delivered to the national system and get money for it.


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