RENPOWER POLAND 2019 The Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference

RENPOWER POLAND 2019 The Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference, set to take place in Warsaw on the 11th of April.

Audience: The event will bring under one roof key stakeholders in the sector, including representatives from the Government, International Finance Institutions, policy makers, international and local developers, EPC contractors, independent power producers, engineering, legal and advisory services, manufacturers, banking and private equity entities.

Program and registration: Following the Renewable Energy Sources Act (RES Act) from July 2018 and the November 2018 auctions, the Polish government is projected to announce further amendments promoting the sector as well as auction plans for 2019. End of January, Deputy energy minister, Tomasz Dabrowski, announced to the Parliament the Ministry’s support for 2.5 GW of onshore wind and 700 MW of PV in 2019 auctions amongst others. The developments in the Polish renewable energy (RE) sector are indeed expected as the government works towards improving its energy mix, decreasing its dependence on coal, and reaching its RE targets.

This will be reflected in the discussion and the agenda of the day which will be divided over 4 sessions, covering amongst others the below topics;

Polish energy in transition  market insights and looking towards the future
Next steps on the electricity market legislative transformation
Energy efficiency strengthening awareness and investing in alternative technology
Financing of and investing in the Polish renewable energy developments

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EBRD and Green Climate Fund are co-financing new GEFF programme in Armenia

The EBRD is intensifying efforts to strengthen energy efficiency in Armenia with the launch of a new Green Economy Financing Facility for the country, co-financed by the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The new GEFF programme in Armenia was launched in Yerevan at an event which brought together GEFF stakeholders, including donors, local state officials, local partner financial institutions, suppliers and producers of green technologies for the residential sector.

Funding will be available for investments in green technology, especially in climate adaptation and mitigation technologies. Possible investments include technologies such as thermal insulation, photovoltaic solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and water efficient irrigation systems.

The EBRD was represented by its Head of Armenia, Dmitri Gvindadze, who commented: “Developing the financial sector and improving access to green finance is one of our key priorities in Armenia. We are pleased to work with Ameriabank and ArmSwissBank to support both energy efficiency and water resource efficiency investments. Today, we have partnered with the ArmSwissBank which has a strong client base, and so we can better reach out to private sector players both in Yerevan and the regions.”

The GEFF programme will contribute towards building a green economy in Armenia by supporting the expansion of green finance in accordance with the EBRD Green Economy Transition (GET) approach.

source EBRD


Romania's Ministry of Energy authorized offshore works to start gas production in the Black Sea

The Midia Gas Development project consists of digging five production wells (a submarine well at Doina and four production wells at Ana), a submarine production plant on the Doina field, which will be connected via a 18-kilometer pipeline to the production platform monitored and operated from the shore, located on the Ana deposit. A 126 km submarine pipeline will provide gas transportation from the Ana platform to shore to the new gas treatment plant (STG).

The Romanian Ministry of Energy authorized offshore works for the start of gas production in the Midia Gas Development Project.




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