Free Webinar on Integration of Large Scale SHC Systems into District Heating and Cooling Networks

This first webinar will share the latest results of IEA SHC Task 55 on Large Scale SHC Systems Integration into District Heating and Cooling Networks.

Solar District Heating (SDH) is in the early market development stage. Large solar thermal plants feeding into district heating networks represent only about 1% of the installed capacity of solar thermal systems, despite the fact that competitive prices lower than 40 €/MWh can be reached. In the long run, solar district heating could represent 4-15% of the total technical potential of solar thermal energy.

The 90-minute webinar will include a 30 minutes Q/A session where attendees can submit their questions to the speakers.
The recording of the webinar as well as the presentations by the speakers will be available after the webinar on both the IEA SHC and ISES websites.

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