Romania launched the program for installing photo-voltaic systems

AFM ( The Environment Fund Administration) launches for the first time the Program for installing photo-voltaic systems for isolated households not connected to the power distribution network.

The Environmental Fund Administration approved for the first time the organization of the financing file submission session within the Program for installing photo-voltaic systems for isolated households not connected to the electricity distribution network during 10 April 2019 - 10 July 2019.

The aim of the program is to increase energy efficiency, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by generating electricity from renewable sources at homes located at least 2 km from the national electricity distribution grid and reducing the use of conventional fuels.

The object of the program is financing acquisition and installation photo-voltaic panels systems using renewable, non-polluting energy sources.

The program is multi annual and the program financing is made from the Environment Fund revenues resulting from the sale of greenhouse gas emission allowances, within the limits of the sums earmarked for this purpose through the annual budget of the Environment Fund, approved according to the law.

The beneficiaries of the program are the administrative-territorial units to which the funding dossiers have been approved and which have concluded a non-repayable financing contract with the AFM under the program.

Only costs incurred after signing are eligible grant contract. During a grant session, the applicant may submit a single application for funding for a part or all of the households listed in Art. 10 par. (1). For each household, funding can be obtained once. During the period established by the provision provided by art. 10 par. (2) and only for the households listed in paragraph (1) of the same Article financing shall be submitted to the C.J. within the territory of which the applicant is located, paged and written, in a single copy.

The amount earmarked for the financing of this Program, according to the Income and Expenditure Budget for the year 2019 of the Environment Fund and The Environment Fund Administration is 230 million lei (50 million euro).

The non-reimbursable funding granted by the Authority is 100% of the eligible expenditure but not more than 25,000 lei ( aprox. 5400 euro) including VAT for each photo-voltaic system serving a household. Funding is granted in a staggered manner, within the period of validity of the grant agreement and as part of the project implementation.



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