EU support the energy sector in Tanzania

The European Union (EU) is a long-standing partner supporting the energy sector in Tanzania. The EU support has targeted rural grid extension, the development of rural mini-grids from renewable energy by independent or private power generators and distributors, support for clean cooking solutions, as well as capacity building of key stakeholders in the energy sector (Ministry of Energy, Rural Energy Agency, EWURA and TANESCO).

The EU considers reliable energy supply as one of the key elements of a conducive environment for doing business and continues to be of critical importance as an enabler of poverty reduction and job creation. The EU, through the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), has allocated a total amount of EUR 180 Million to support the energy sector in Tanzania.

This support will contribute to the scaling up of access to modern energy services and rural electrification, in line with priorities under national and sector development plans and will strengthen EU-Tanzania cooperation.


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