Montenergo: 7th ENERGY FAIR

7th ENERGY FAIR to be held from September 25th to 29th 2019. The Event will be held in the same period as 41st Civil Engineering Fair and 14th Water-water supply systems-sanitary technologies fair. The combination of these events represents an opportunity for exhibitors to use benefits of the synergy of fair platforms.

Guided by the knowledge about global energy deficit, importance of increasing conscience about rational use of energy, energy efficiency and energy saving measures, Adriatic Fair Budva organizes the 7th International Energy Fair.

Energy Fair is an opportunity for companies, state and academic institutions, professional associations and individuals who operate in the field of reasearch, development, production, transfer, distribution and rationalizaton of energy use to present new technologies and achievements.

Fair event puts emphasis on energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy sources, as well as the transmission of electricity. With the promotion of new products and technology, fair platform may point out the strengths and qualities of modern solutions in the construction and equipping of facilitiesin a quality manner.

Within the fair event will be organized rich, comprehensive and diverse program created according to the actual economic trends in collaboration with state and academic institutions, professional associations and individuals from the energy sector area.

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