E.ON Romania inaugurated three new stations for fast charging of electric cars, in Bucharest

The new stations join the other 11 already existing in Iasi, Târgu Frumos and Cristeşti (Iasi county), Tashca, Piatra Neamţ and Roman (Neamţ county), Bacău, Suceava, Adjud (Vrancea county), Sovata (Mureş county) and Gheorgheni county. Harghita).

The three charging stations in Bucharest have a maximum power of 93 kW, so the average charging time of an electric car will be about 40 minutes for 80% of the battery. Also, in each site there are two parking places, with a fast charging station installed 2x50 kW (DC) + 1x43 kW (AC).


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