New amounts allocated in Kharkov (Ukraine) for the isolation of buildings

At a session of the Harcov Regional Council, it was decided to allocate 8 million UAH (aprox 289000 euro) for financing regional programs of cheap loans for households and condominiums. In particular, 6.7 million UAH.(aprox 242000 euro) provided for a compensation of 15% per year for individuals.

The high sum of 1.3 million UAH.(aprox 43300 euro) was allocated for the repayment of 20% of the credit involved in the condominiums for the isolation of a tall building.

Interestingly, the ACMHs in Kharkov have the unique opportunity to receive a triple reimbursement for the costs of typically energy-efficient measures:

20% of the loan amount is from the city budget,
20% - from the region,
from 40 to 70% - from the state.

Overall, the Kharkov region ranks second in terms of financing regional programs. Lviv region remains the leader, where local authorities have allocated 18 million UAH for similar programs in the region this year.

Mihai Vintila


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