Some of the world’s largest wind asset owners engage in data sharing project to reduce dependency to OEMs and improve operations


Some of the largest wind turbine owners in the world announced today the launch of a new breakthrough data sharing program. For the first time in the wind industry, turbine owners around the world will securely and openly exchange operational performance data, enabling them to reduce their data dependency to OEMs, improve analytics and develop a transparent global performance benchmark.

The key objective of the project is to unlock operational insights and to create an operational turbine performance baseline. Enel, Engie and Equinor have confirmed their participation to the project and committed to sharing data from over 10.000 turbines both onshore and offshore. The program is open to any turbine owner, and a significant number of companies are expected to join the project in the coming months. A series of seminars will take place at the beginning of 2021 to enable any interested party to assess opportunities and coordinate platform development efforts.

“This is a truly ambitious program that will put an end to the OEMs superior position with regards to global performance data. As it is today, only the OEMs can fully harvest the benefits of data analytics and benchmarking, which puts asset owners at a disadvantage.” said Mårten Nilsson, CEO of O2OWIND and coordinator of the project. “With this data-sharing collaboration, we are creating a baseline that OEMs always have to relate to. Since the strength of the baseline will be correlated to the amount of data that feeds our models, we strongly encourage all asset owners to attend the information seminars and join this exciting initiative”, he continued

“This data sharing initiative is ground-breaking and an excellent opportunity for cross-industry win-win collaboration”, explained Thierry Kalfon, Managing Director Renewables Global Business Line at ENGIE. “We are convinced of the value of data and analytics to improve operational performance. Because in data analytics the quality of the results depends on the quantity of data available, we strongly believe that sharing data between peers will benefit all of us.”, he said.

By exchanging data on tens of thousands of operating turbines worldwide, leading wind asset owners will be able to turn insights into tangible advantages, such as improving wind farm operations, as well as improving the success rate of claims related to lower than expected power production.

Even the largest owners, operating close to 15GW of wind assets, need all the data they can get to unlock operational insights, as it is explained by José Alba, Head of Global O&M Wind and Storage at Enel Green Power: “We have a specific objective when we manage data, which consists in converting them to the greatest extent into useful information, allowing us to develop our own models for asset management. In order to carry out this strategy, we need the greatest possible amount of data, which we will acquire by joining this initiative”, he said.

According to Sverre Trollnes, Head of Asset management at Equinor, this initiative is particularly relevant in the offshore industry. “Considering the short production series of turbines within offshore wind, sharing data among owners is a necessity to gain better control. We see the O2O Data Sharing Initiative as a new tool to constantly improve our operation, by enabling our lead engineers to exchange with their peers and establish these much needed operational baselines”, he explained.

The complete legal framework of the program, along with detailed technical description for which data are to be shared, and the complete exchange process will be presented at the upcoming industry seminar.


5th Annual International Congress and Exhibition “Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian 2021”

The 5th Annual International Congress and Exhibition: Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian 2021 is a professional venue for business and government representatives to exchange experience and consolidate efforts for successful development of investment projects on construction and reconstruction/modernisation of hydropower plants in the region (Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkey).

The Congress is supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Strategic Partner – UZBEKGIDROENERGO. 

Bronze sponsor: CINK Hydro-Energy.

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Date: February 17-18, 2021

Place: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Organising Committee: Vostock Capital 

Tel.: +7 495 109 9 509 



Hydropower Central Asia and Caspian 2020 in facts and figures:

150+ C-suite executives of hydropower operating companies, government officials, international investors and leading suppliers of technologies and equipment;

Among the extended delegations: The National Committee of Industry, Energy and Subsoil of the Kyrgyz Republic, the National Energy Holding of the Kyrgyz Republic, Electric Power Plants, Chakan-GES, Samruk-Energo, WORLD BANK, Georgian Energy Development Fund, INTER RAO,  Rogun HPP, Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, Nurek HPP,  Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and a lot more others; 

Among the speakers and honorary guests: Emil Osmonbetov, Chairman, the National Committee for Industry, Energy and Subsoil of the Kyrgyz Republic; Aitmamat Nazarov, Chairman of the Board, National Energy Holding Company; Taalaibek Tolubaev, General Director, Electric Power Plants; Ermek Asankanov, General Director, Chakan GES; Fazliddin Shoiddinov, Director, Nurek HPP; Dmitry Volkov,  Director of Assets Management Block in the Central Asia and South Caucasus, INTER RAO; Ernur Djienbaev, Design Office Director, Samruk-Energo; Shakhram Jalali, Foreign Project Office Director, Iran Water & Power Resources Development Co. and a lot more others;

Exhibition and showcase of innovative solutions by: Wasserkraft VOLK, Polyar Steel Construction, Hydroproject Institute, Rakurs Engineering, Voith Hydro, Fesco Projects, Tractebel Engineering, Sevinc Machine Industry and Trade, Elsib, KPMG, MC Bauchemie, Tojikgidroelectromontazh, Ukrgidroproject, PPT Engineering, Cupral Bridge,  MUHR, HPP France, Global Hydro Energy, Power Machines, and others.  

Programme Highlights 2021:

Special focus! Uzbekistan’s hydro. Presentations of investment projects and programmes of their implementation, industry development strategy, tips for establishing a successful business in the country

Strategic Opening Session: hydropower development in the Central Asia and Caspian region: anti-crisis strategies, inter-state cooperation, plans of governments, initiators, and operators

Showcases of Greenfield and Brownfield projects in regional hydropower industry in 2021-2025 

Discussion session with top managers and CTOs from operating companies and HPPs. Discuss efficient HPP operation and risk management directly with senior executives  

Development of Uzbekistan’s hydropower – specialised round table with all industry players. Great opportunity to learn more about government’s plans, discuss advantages and challenges of project development, pose questions directly! 

Exclusive exhibition and showcase of innovative technologies, solutions, and equipment: construction, modernisation, operation, performance growth 

Investment focus! Investment strategies - the most efficient practices and financial mechanisms for hydropower projects of the region

Case-studies from companies with successful HPP construction and modernisation projects in the region

Small hydropower investment projects for construction and modernisation of small hydropower plants, and solutions for their development

30+ hours of formal and informal networking: gala-dinner, interactive round tables, pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings, and a lot more

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ArcVera Renewables investigates causes of a significant drop in Indian wind resource and wind farm production


ArcVera Renewables, a leading international provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and energy storage projects, was enlisted by a major Indian Independent Power Producer (IPP) to analyze wind resource variation cause and effect after an unexpected drop in wind farm energy production in the country. Although variable year-to-year, wind power production in India in Q2-Q3 2020 has been significantly lower than the long-term average production expectations. Based on an analysis of climate records from reanalysis datasets and surface wind observation sites, this event was rare.

 ArcVera's experts applied advanced atmospheric science methods to explain the interannual variability anomalies of the wind energy resource in India.  Annual wind farm performance expectations depend on the long-term accuracy of wind energy resource assessment.  Each year, a wind farms' performance is typically evaluated by its owner and operator stakeholders to make sure that the variations in the production of the wind farm are explained by variations of the actual wind resource. Lower wind resources can result in significant revenue reduction, testing owners' and investors' nerves and their seeking of answers to what can be expected for future performance.

 "Based on a review of meteorological weather records, the low wind speeds were caused by a combination of regional and global meteorological factors that seldom occur simultaneously, including a persistent high-pressure pattern over northern India and Tibet; and a unique warm sea surface event over the northern Indian Ocean.", explains C.R. Anbalagan, "The proper utilization of advanced atmospheric science knowledge is critical to understand wind farm past and future performance. ArcVera has a long history of providing the wind industry with its weather forecast acumen and wind energy resource assessment expertise to evaluate and predict future, long-term performance.", he continued.

Wind resource variation cause and effect analysis

ArcVera Renewables deployed its proven methodology using wind farms' past energy production and other data to assess wind farm performance. Its technical experts gathered relevant recent and climatological historical (30-60 year monthly) data for the region or regions of interest, including El Niño/ La Niña and other climate indices. They then compared frequency-of-return statistics for recent periods of low winds and prepared a report describing the results and including discussion of the recent event and return-time based on 30 to 60-year analysis. ArcVera also conducted an operational backcast energy assessment of the wind farms using monthly production data.

An operational backcast energy assessment estimates the long-term net energy production of an existing wind farm by examining its monthly energy production against several independent long-term wind speed datasets which are representative of the flow conditions at or near the project site.  These datasets can be used to discern whether wind speeds have been above or below average during the operational period of record.  The results of the operational backcast energy assessments can be used to determine expected monthly energy production for future years.



Blue Pearl Energy launches an innovative European platform for B2B energy services, backed by DWS

Blue Pearl Energy has announced the launch of its innovative European energy services platform, dedicated to offering comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for public, commercial and industrial buildings. Designed to provide an alternative to large energy companies, Blue Pearl Energy has developed an original business model, whose aim is to create a powerful European network of SMEs specialising in various fields of energy services for private and public sector clients. Supported by global infrastructure investment manager DWS on behalf of one of its funds, the platform has a €600 million investment programme earmarked for the acquisition of some twenty SMEs over a five-year period, with three companies already acquired as of the 2nd quarter of 2020.

Blue Pearl Energy's investment programme enjoys the financial backing of DWS' institutional pan-European infrastructure fund, the third in the series. This solid financial footing will enable the platform to acquire SMEs specialising in one or several aspects of B2B energy services throughout France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, and Central Europe. It will also enable Blue Pearl Energy's clients to finance their own energy efficiency-related investments.
The Blue Pearl Energy platform aims to bring together SMEs with complementary expertise and services, in order to offer comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for buildings and industrial sites, primarily in the fields of electrical engineering, HVAC engineering, onsite renewable energy generation, cogeneration and energy management.
The company's ambition is to be recognized as a reliable alternative supplier of energy services, independent of large energy service providers, and capable of delivering comprehensive value-added solutions covering a wide range of geographies, technologies and clients. 

Supporting SMEs to succeed in the new energy efficiency market

The range of service providers offering energy solutions for buildings and facilities is characterized by a clear divide between large industrial groups and SMEs. In a market with such strong growth potential, this creates a vacuum for medium-sized newcomers that Blue Pearl Energy is ideally positioned to fill.

Eric de Seguins Pazzis, co-founder and CEO of Blue Pearl Energy, explains: "there is a strong market opportunity for an initiative like ours: firstly, because the European market for energy services is showing strong growth, boosted by the urgent drive towards energy transition. This drive is now at the heart of Europe's post-Covid stimulus plans. Secondly, because the sector is currently split between large multinationals on the one hand, and on the other hand independent SMEs who struggle to offer comprehensive solutions, preventing them from accessing certain customer segments and large-scale contracts. This creates a space for a medium-sized operator offering a hybrid model, capable of meeting the needs of clients who have so far been insufficiently met by the existing ecosystem."

A credible alternative to the largest energy services suppliers

Blue Pearl Energy aims to tap into the potential for complementarity across the companies in its network, building up synergies in order to offer more comprehensive solutions for its clients. This hybrid model combines the best of both worlds: on the one hand, that of  large groups, by providing a central platform to drive forward the strategic vision of the entire network, as well as support its commercial development by deploying new services and widening its client base. On the other hand, that of the SMEs who will join the platform, operating with a deep-rooted entrepreneurial culture and whose values are defined by proximity, agility and a resolute sense of customer service.

This innovative concept has already won over three fast-growing SMEs operating in France and in Belgium: Alcad, Coretec Energy and Cogengreen. These acquisitions were finalised in the second quarter of 2020, while advanced discussions are currently underway with several other SMEs eager to subscribe to Blue Pearl Energy's value proposition.

"The accelerated energy transition of the European economy is creating new needs for businesses and the public sector. This new dynamic requires small energy services companies to provide more comprehensive solutions by gathering a broader range of complementary expertise in one place. Blue Pearl Energy provides an innovative solution to this new challenge and adopts a clear course of action and ambition: activating synergies between high-potential SMEs while preserving their operational autonomy, agility and business culture. Thanks to Blue Pearl Energy, the SMEs who join the platform will benefit from enhanced capacities for European deployment, while retaining their business independence, their benchmark position in their respective markets, and their organizations," concludes Eric de Seguins Pazzis.


Go ahead for Greek giant as Istos launches wind measurement campaign with Lidar


ZX Lidars technology makes the challenging terrain of western Greece no obstacle to a comprehensive and accurate wind measurement campaign.

 A new wind measurement campaign is underway in western Greece as part of a major renewable energy power project.

Istos Renewables Ltd. is performing the wind measurement programme using a ZX 300 Lidar together with just a 30-metre-high wind data reference masts.

Recording wind data across the full turbine rotor and beyond top tip height of even the largest wind turbines, the ZX 300 Lidar eliminates the need for a full scale conventional meteorological mast approach.

The combination of a roaming Lidar with only a very short met mast as a fixed, long-term, secondary reference, this bankable methodology cuts cost, reduces the need for working at height and makes establishing the wind profile across the whole site far less time consuming.

With a low visual impact, the low height approach to measurement equipment helps to curb potentially significant business risks while simultaneously reducing project uncertainty. The flexibility afforded by a mobile Lidar unit also gives developers an opportunity to fully explore the wind potential of a site.

Recording at four locations, the latest measurement campaign from Istos is to form a key part of the development of an approximately 160 MW wind power installation that is planned for the location.

Data obtained during the analysis period will support the optimisation of the project both in terms of the final layout and the selection of the ideal wind turbine model, including the rotor diameter and its rated generation capacity.

In addition, while the complex and rocky terrain found in this part of Greece and mountainous regions elsewhere can be challenging for wind measurement, the advanced data capture from a 50Hz Continuous Wave scanning Lidar such as ZX 300 ensures a high degree of accuracy is possible even in the most difficult scenarios.

Petros Theodoropoulos, General Director & Technical Manager of Istos Renewables Ltd, explains: "Our customers are delighted that we are able to offer such a comprehensive wind measurement service from just a handful of locations using the ZX 300 together with a short reference mast. It makes securing the necessary data safer, cheaper and quicker. We look forward to undertaking many more campaigns like this in the coming months and years."

Operating right across Greece and the eastern Mediterranean, Istos has installed more than 280 wind masts to date and has undertaken projects also in Africa and West Asia. More than a decade ago Istos adopted the latest Lidar technology and became a Trusted Service Provider for ZX Lidars across the region.



The future of SGRE turbine performance tests offshore and onshore is the ZX TM nacelle Lidar

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) statement of testing and approval of nacelle based wind Lidar 'ZX TM' from ZX Lidars for the purpose of Power Performance Testing on Siemens Gamesa wind turbines released

In connection with a power curve campaign, Siemens Gamesa has tested a new technology together with the well-known company ZX Lidars.
Based on the positive results achieved, both on the medium range and long range measurements, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy approves the use of the nacelle based Continuous Wave scanning Lidar 'ZX TM' from Lidar OEM ZX Lidars for Power Performance Testing.
Importantly and in addition to this, operational 'rotor equivalent' power curves can also be measured with ZX TM's unique 50 points around the full rotor swept area, particularly important for turbines with larger rotor diameters offshore and on onshore sites with complex veer or shear profiles.
This specific Lidar - ZX TM - allows the power curve of SGRE wind turbines to be measured and verified as a function of the Hub Height wind speed and may be, when agreed with the customer, used instead of the procedure described in the IEC61400-12-1:2017 (ed. 1/ed. 2) using a meteorological mast and anemometry installation.


The City of Arnhem goes smart with OpenRemote's Energy Management IoT solution

The City of Arnhem has selected OpenRemote's open-source IoT solution to develop an intelligent energy management system using advanced IoT technology. This new data management platform will enable the city's energy managers to automate and oversee a distributed energy system combining solar and wind power installations, electric fleet chargers, cold ironing for ships and battery storage, through a powerful desktop and mobile application.

The solar and wind energy produced at Kleefsewaard, an industrial park located east of the city, is used for charging electric vehicles across the city as well as powering the ships docked in its harbor (cold ironing). In order to maximise the use of local renewable energy, the City of Arnhem needed an energy management solution capable of predicting power generation, as well as optimising the vehicle charging and cold ironing, with the use of an additional energy storage unit. A mobile application, built on OpenRemote's open-source IoT platform, will enable the city's energy managers and maintenance crews to evaluate the performance of all system components on-the-go, at any time or place.

"Thanks to our flexible IoT Solution, diverse data sources using distinct communication protocols can be interconnected into a single integrated platform. That means that all the units that compose Kleefsewaard's distributed energy system can now come seamlessly together in a centralised energy management system. Thanks to advanced IoT capabilities, relevant weather data has been added to predict energy generation, while feedback from the application's optimisation routine is translated into charging and discharging commands and requested power setpoints, making the whole system more effective and easier to manage", explained Pierre Kil, CEO of OpenRemote.

Smart System Optimisation
The system is able to forecast power generation, consumption and carbon costs for the upcoming 24 hours. These essential data points are used to define optimal charging and discharging cycles for the energy storage unit, assess the vehicle fleet storage capacity, while considering the minimum required power indicated by the charging service provider.

The application will feature a dashboard to enable energy managers to supervise the whole system and monitor financial and carbon savings through a set of performance indicators. An "Insights" section within the app will display key system parameters such as such local energy, self-consumption or saved costs in a personalised, single-page view. Users will also automatically be alerted by the app in case of abnormal system behavior, as determined per pre-defined rules, and receive a first analysis of the potential root cause.

"We are currently developing our own customized solution with the active support of the OpenRemote team. The end result will be a smart energy management system that is tailored to our specific optimisation and reporting needs and hosted in our own secure environment. It will become a key tool to facilitate and improve the work of both our energy managers and maintenance personnel," commented Peter Swart, Program manager Energy at City of Arnhem.


ArcVera Renewables Announces Entry Into India's Hybrid, Wind, Solar and Energy Storage Market

ArcVera Renewables, an international provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and hybrid energy storage projects, has announced its entry into India's fast-growing renewables market. ArcVera's new Indian offices are located in Bangalore, India. The company has assembled a team of international experts to deliver industry-leading technical expertise to project developers, lenders, and investors in India as well as other Southeast Asia and Pacific Rim countries.

"Several factors have converged to make this a timely and strategically sound long-term business expansion decision for ArcVera. On one hand, India is a large and rapidly growing renewables market.  Now with energy tenders and hybrid project requirements, it is an even more complex and competitive market.  Local developers and investors are seeking best-in-class technical expertise to lower project risk, find advantages no other company has uncovered, and raise project value. On the other hand, the recent exit of a competitor from the Indian wind market has left a vacuum that ArcVera is ideally positioned to fill in," commented Gregory S. Poulos, CEO of ArcVera Renewables.

ArcVera's services cover the full project lifecycle, including finance-grade resource assessments, project design, technology assessments, financing, M&A, due diligence, construction, operations, and repowering. Its team comprises experienced atmospheric scientists, engineers, and data analysts, who leverage their advanced technical expertise to provide accuracy-driven renewable energy project services.  ArcVera Renewables' technical expertise is at the intersection of energy resource and storage and well-suited to support the hybrid project trend in India.

"ArcVera has an impressive track record in providing advantageous insights for wind energy, solar energy, and battery storage projects globally. We are looking forward to bringing our 40 years of experience to India's renewable energy developers, OEM's and Investors"," commented CR Anbalagan, Country Manager & Director of Business Development of ArcVera Renewables India Private Ltd.
ArcVera has considerable experience in the disciplines of atmospheric science, engineering, and data science, which stems from the origins of the wind industry in the late 1970s. For 40 years, their atmospheric scientists, data analysts, and engineers have leveraged their advanced technical expertise to help projects be more successful in development and financing and to perform better across their project lifetimes. In particular, ArcVera is at the forefront of the mesoscale and microscale modeling discipline for wind energy applications, providing clients with consistently superior wind energy project results, and giving them the ability to understand their wind energy site resource with high fidelity before measurements are even completed.

99 MW of solar energy project in the Algarve region


Endesa Generacion Portugal, a subsidiary of the Spanish company Endesa, part of the Enel group, has won the right to develop a 99 MW solar energy + storage capacity project, according to the preliminary results of the second tender for renewable energy organized by the Portuguese government through DGEG (Direção-Geral de Energia e Geologia), informs a press release sent to the editorial office.

The plant, which will be developed, built and operated by Enel Green Power, the renewable energy division of the Enel group, will be the first renewable energy + storage project that the group is developing in the Iberian Peninsula. The project, which is expected to become operational in 2024, will be located in the Algarve region, and its construction will involve an investment of about 90 million euros.

 The DGEG tender has been launched for approximately 700 MW in new solar energy projects and new solar energy + storage projects, in line with Portugal 's goal of carbon neutral by 2050.

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WinJi receives a €1.65 Million loan guarantee from the Swiss Technology Fund

WinJi, a Swiss start-up that developed the innovative "True Power" renewable energy asset management platform, has been awarded a €1.65 Million (CHF 1.8 M) loan guarantee by the Swiss Technology Fund. This loan guarantee will facilitate WinJi's upcoming debt-raising, with a view to accelerate the company's growth and finance further platform developments.

Technology Fund successfully approved WinJi's technology and business model as innovative, energy efficient and competitive in an in-depth due diligence. The purpose of the Technology Fund guarantee is to bridge the gap between equity financing during the start-up phase and regular corporate loans for established businesses. It exclusively caters to innovative Swiss-based cleantech Start-ups and SME that are already generating revenue and can show a reliable sales pipeline. By significantly reducing lender's risk, the loan guarantee will enable WinJi to access favourable borrowing terms. 

Established in 2016, WinJi has developed an intelligent online asset management solution to optimise production and operate renewable energy portfolios more efficiently. The cloud based 'True Power' Platform solution is fully scalable and incorporates patent-filed anomaly detection methods.

This intelligent platform can help renewable asset owners, asset managers and operators increase asset production by up to 5% and increase the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of wind and solar projects by up to 50%. It also allows asset managers and owners to get a holistic understanding of existing underperformance and benchmarking to comparable assets outside their portfolio. The True Power platform enables even non-experts to ask the right questions at a commercial and technical level and to make the right decisions.

"Our Artificial Intelligence solution can significantly improve production and overall asset profitability. It allows for an automated, manufacturer-agnostic onboarding in less than a day and requires no hardware. It offers real time, fine granular park and portfolio reports, and delivers actionable measures to operators and asset managers to improve performance.", said Bernhard Brodbeck, Founder & CEO of WinJi. 

WinJi has already built a solid track record. The company analysed around 2 GW of wind and solar assets on 3 continents, and identified an average underperformance of 10%. It also recommended and implemented performance improvement measures that led to an increase in revenues of up to 4 times greater than its service fees.

"The support we are receiving from the Technology Fund is an important step forward in financing our company's growth. We are in the right position to reach our short to mid-term objective, which is to become one of the top 3 advanced digital asset management solutions using artificial intelligence in the global renewables market.", continued Brodbeck. 

Simone Riedel Riley, General Manager of the Technology Fund, added: "Optimising the operation of wind and solar assets increases the renewable energy production. As a result, financial performance for the asset owner is improved and CO2 emissions in the energy sector are reduced. We are therefore pleased to support WinJi with a loan guarantee to finance the further development and marketing of its innovative TruePower software."




ArcVera partners with VIM Energy to offer turnkey solar and wind resource assessment campaigns in Latin America

ArcVera Renewables, a leading provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and energy storage projects, recently completed a partnering agreement with VIM Energy, a Panama-based renewable energy development services company with additional operations in Colombia and Mexico. With this partnership, the companies will be able to provide clients in Latin America with turnkey solar and wind measurement field campaigns, energy assessments, and independent engineering advisory in the region. 
VIM Energy has considerable experience in setting up wind and solar resource measurement field campaigns, and a proven ability to get the required equipment quickly into the field to gather bankable resource data. They can deploy and maintain systems in areas where it is difficult to manage and secure ongoing operations. VIM Energy has a proven track record in supporting clients who demand reliable measurement systems installation, delivered by a partner with a deep understanding of site measurement security. 

“Even the best measurement equipment will not provide value if it is not properly installed, documented, maintained, and if data is not handled and analyzed appropriately.”, said David Simkins, ArcVera’s Director of Business Development. “Together, ArcVera and VIM are now able to offer a one-stop-shop to ensure that these critical tasks are performed in a way that results in a bankable energy assessment and improvements in a project’s bottom line.”, he continued. 

ArcVera is one of the pioneering renewable energy project technical consultants in Latin America. The company was involved in nearly 10GW of wind and solar projects located in twelve different countries of the continent. In particular, it has provided wind energy resource assessment reports used for financing the first three wind farms in Nicaragua, as well as the first wind farm in Guatemala and El Salvador. 
Hugo Pereira, VIM Energy’s Commercial Director, commented: “VIM Energy clients do not want to have multiple sources for the one thing they need: high-quality resource measurement campaigns including the supply of industry-standard measurement equipment and finance-grade technical advisory services. This is key to driving forward wind and solar energy development.”

Frimu Ghinea 

Romania | The Green House Photovoltaic program wants to be simpler

The Administration of the Environmental Fund invites all those interested to contribute with proposals to the improvement of the financing guide of the National Green House Photovoltaic Program.

"Starting next week, we will organize consultations for the guide for the new session of the National Green House Photovoltaic Program, which we want to launch this fall. The new program will make major changes. I want to simplify the registration process, as well as to reduce the duration of the project evaluation and to extend the range of installers ", said the president of AFM, Andreea Kohalmi - Szabo.
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JUMEME to provide free electricity to 10 healthcare centers in Tanzania’s Lake Victoria Islands during the COVID-19 crisis

JUMEME, a mini-grid operator in Tanzania co-funded by the European Commission, has launched a “COVID-19 Relief Program” to support the Tanzanian government and local populations in their effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. With this program, JUMEME will use its local solar-hybrid mini-grids to provide 10 healthcare facilities in the Lake Victoria Islands with free electricity services for the coming three months.

As free and reliable electricity supply will help keep operations run smoothly, it will also free up much needed financial resources to better prepare the local healthcare facilities to fight COVID-19.

In addition to its 12 solar-hybrid mini-grids already in operation in the Lake Victoria area, JUMEME is also finalizing the implementation of 11 mini-grids on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in the Northwest of Tanzania, which will connect 10 more health centers once operating. JUMEME intends to extend its relief program to this area to support their local health centers as soon as the new project is completed.

Dr. Kole, Chief Physician at the Bwisya Hospital said: ''We are grateful to JUMEME for the (electrification) services they offer to Bwisya Hospital for 24 hours a day without failure. We also appreciate the availability of electricity which enables us to conduct clinical procedures, surgery, and other essential health services to the people of Ukara island.’’

Health centers are common in Tanzania’s remote rural areas. Patients rely on these facilities to receive first aid and treatments for common infections, before being referred to larger, better equipped facilities if needed. In JUMEME’s project areas, which were selected for their remote, off-grid location, only one healthcare facility can be deemed a hospital, which is located in Bwisya on the island Ukara. These smaller facilities are especially vulnerable, as they receive less funding than larger hospitals.

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Authors are invited to submit papers for The 7th International Congress Trade Fair RENEXPO® Energy, Waste & Water in Belgrade, Serbia

From 13. to 14. Mach 2020 in Belgrade , Belexpocentar, eminent experts, decision makers, industry leaders will exchange the latest information on the market, Europe and Global and EU trends, investments, innovative technical achievements in the field of green economy.

Take part! Present best practices, researches, products and services at a leading event in the region! 100+ presentations, 800 conference participants

Renewable energies - Energy efficiency- Water management - Waste management - Sustainable Transport

Authors are invited to submit papers on the following topics:

Energy efficiency - energy management, industrial systems, buildings and constructions, lighting, software solutions, BIM
District heating / cooling - Efficient cogeneration, renewable energy
Photovoltaic - Small and large capacity PV power plants, solutions for commercial buildings / roof systems, cogeneration, panels and related equipment - inverters, mounting, energy storage
Hydropower - large medium and small capacity power plants, development policies, technical equipment and nature friendly solutions, refurbishment, plant efficiency, project development, design and selection of technical equipment
Wind energy - Policy, auctions and investments, potentials, balance of plant, transmission system capacity, distribution system, global trends, wind generators and equipment, services
Waste management - waste to energy (WtE), waste reuse, recycling, treatment of different materials, best EU practices and technologies, benefits and perspectives of circular economy
Energy from biomass / biogas - Wood biomass, agricultural biomass, biogas in farming and food industry, resource availability, pellet production, cogeneration plants, boilers and equipment - regional and EU practice
Sustainable water management - Water policy and directives, EU and regional practice, intl. development support and funding, communal services improvement, regulatory authority, project management, sustainability of PUCs, SCADA systems
Water supply - infrastructure efficiency, pipes, pumps, water loss reduction techniques, reconstruction and reparation techniques, water treatment and quality status, measuring and regulation equipment
Wastewater management - wastewater collection and treatment, sludge treatment, how to choose the right technology, FIDIC public procurement and contracting, larger and smaller capacity WWTPs, industrial WWT solutions, innovations
Project Financing - IFIs programmes, PPP, ESCO, regional practice
Sustainable Transportation - Electric vehicles, charging stations and batteries, infrastructure construction plans (cities/ motorways), impact on pollution reduction
Contact the conference manager:

Dragana Pavlović
Tel.: +381 21 21 00 152
Tel EU: +49 7121 3016 119
Send your presentations to

Presentation duration: 15 minutes
Submission deadline: January 31, 2020
Acceptance Notice: February 7, 2020
Submission of final papers: March 15, 2020
Location: Belexpocentar, Belgrade
Conference language: Serbian and English

Note: Priority selection can be achieved with a sponsorship or exhibition package.

The conference program includes presentations in the following frameworks:

Technical equipment and technological solutions
Investment opportunities in the Balkans
Development policies and world trends, promotion and financing programs
Economical analysis, planning, case studies, successful practice examples
Research results, innovations and new scientific developments
Organized tours of the fair and visits to theme stands

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Micro-electronics and artificial intelligence to adapt the sole's grip and shock-absorption to underfoot conditions and the wearer's dynamics

The same shoe for multiple settings. This is possible thanks to Wahu, the first sole in the world to be able to immediately adapt to changes in its external environment and to the dynamic state of the person wearing the shoe. Wahu, created in the Enterprises Factory e-Novia, is using its debut at the CES, the world's most important event dedicated to consumer technology which is being held in Las Vegas from the 7th to the 10th of January 2020, to present its latest prototype. And Wahu immediately received a top-level prize: he Innovation Award in the Wearable Technology category. Success which rewards Italian design and technology and puts this invention among the major players in the future of footwear.

By combining design and technology, Wahu allows the structure of the sole to be modified, thus also modifying grip and shock-absorption, to optimise traction control while walking.

How does it do this? By using micro-compressors, interconnected cavities and artificial intelligence which allow the user to activate settings via an app. These settings maximise performance and offer the user maximum comfort in any situation, from indoor surfaces to trails, trekking and urban surroundings.

Wahu has arrived at the CES at the exact moment in which global trends are revolutionising the world of wearables.  This decidedly positive trend is definitively confirmed by the rate of growth in the 'active shoes' sector, which by 2023 is predicted to have a turnover of 6.5 billion euros, with North America and Europe leading the way in terms of market share.

The digitalisation of shoes allows innovative services to be created, both for the user and for the brand. Thanks to artificial perception and intelligence being integrated into the shoe, Wahu can, for example, generate a digital signature for the user based on their stride, analyse plantar (foot arch) pressure or prevent falls.

e-Novia, the Enterprises Factory

Wahu is at CES Las Vegas from the 7th to the 10th of January 2020 and can be found at the stand belonging to the Enterprises Factory e-Novia. As an Enterprises Factory, e-Novia's business model sees it take ideas or intellectual property and use them to form and develop innovative hi-tech companies.

Today e-Novia boasts 31 entrepreneurial projects among its portfolio, based on over 40 patents, and was listed by the Financial Times in 2018 and 2019 among the thousand fastest-growing companies over the last three years, and by Inc. among the five thousand fastest-growing European companies.

e-Novia continues to produce significant numbers, from revenue to investments to the number of employees, the number of companies formed, and the number of patents filed.

e-Novia, CES 2020, Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2, Stand Number 26030


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