99 MW of solar energy project in the Algarve region


Endesa Generacion Portugal, a subsidiary of the Spanish company Endesa, part of the Enel group, has won the right to develop a 99 MW solar energy + storage capacity project, according to the preliminary results of the second tender for renewable energy organized by the Portuguese government through DGEG (Direção-Geral de Energia e Geologia), informs a press release sent to the editorial office.

The plant, which will be developed, built and operated by Enel Green Power, the renewable energy division of the Enel group, will be the first renewable energy + storage project that the group is developing in the Iberian Peninsula. The project, which is expected to become operational in 2024, will be located in the Algarve region, and its construction will involve an investment of about 90 million euros.

 The DGEG tender has been launched for approximately 700 MW in new solar energy projects and new solar energy + storage projects, in line with Portugal 's goal of carbon neutral by 2050.

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WinJi receives a €1.65 Million loan guarantee from the Swiss Technology Fund

WinJi, a Swiss start-up that developed the innovative "True Power" renewable energy asset management platform, has been awarded a €1.65 Million (CHF 1.8 M) loan guarantee by the Swiss Technology Fund. This loan guarantee will facilitate WinJi's upcoming debt-raising, with a view to accelerate the company's growth and finance further platform developments.

Technology Fund successfully approved WinJi's technology and business model as innovative, energy efficient and competitive in an in-depth due diligence. The purpose of the Technology Fund guarantee is to bridge the gap between equity financing during the start-up phase and regular corporate loans for established businesses. It exclusively caters to innovative Swiss-based cleantech Start-ups and SME that are already generating revenue and can show a reliable sales pipeline. By significantly reducing lender's risk, the loan guarantee will enable WinJi to access favourable borrowing terms. 

Established in 2016, WinJi has developed an intelligent online asset management solution to optimise production and operate renewable energy portfolios more efficiently. The cloud based 'True Power' Platform solution is fully scalable and incorporates patent-filed anomaly detection methods.

This intelligent platform can help renewable asset owners, asset managers and operators increase asset production by up to 5% and increase the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of wind and solar projects by up to 50%. It also allows asset managers and owners to get a holistic understanding of existing underperformance and benchmarking to comparable assets outside their portfolio. The True Power platform enables even non-experts to ask the right questions at a commercial and technical level and to make the right decisions.

"Our Artificial Intelligence solution can significantly improve production and overall asset profitability. It allows for an automated, manufacturer-agnostic onboarding in less than a day and requires no hardware. It offers real time, fine granular park and portfolio reports, and delivers actionable measures to operators and asset managers to improve performance.", said Bernhard Brodbeck, Founder & CEO of WinJi. 

WinJi has already built a solid track record. The company analysed around 2 GW of wind and solar assets on 3 continents, and identified an average underperformance of 10%. It also recommended and implemented performance improvement measures that led to an increase in revenues of up to 4 times greater than its service fees.

"The support we are receiving from the Technology Fund is an important step forward in financing our company's growth. We are in the right position to reach our short to mid-term objective, which is to become one of the top 3 advanced digital asset management solutions using artificial intelligence in the global renewables market.", continued Brodbeck. 

Simone Riedel Riley, General Manager of the Technology Fund, added: "Optimising the operation of wind and solar assets increases the renewable energy production. As a result, financial performance for the asset owner is improved and CO2 emissions in the energy sector are reduced. We are therefore pleased to support WinJi with a loan guarantee to finance the further development and marketing of its innovative TruePower software."




ArcVera partners with VIM Energy to offer turnkey solar and wind resource assessment campaigns in Latin America

ArcVera Renewables, a leading provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and energy storage projects, recently completed a partnering agreement with VIM Energy, a Panama-based renewable energy development services company with additional operations in Colombia and Mexico. With this partnership, the companies will be able to provide clients in Latin America with turnkey solar and wind measurement field campaigns, energy assessments, and independent engineering advisory in the region. 
VIM Energy has considerable experience in setting up wind and solar resource measurement field campaigns, and a proven ability to get the required equipment quickly into the field to gather bankable resource data. They can deploy and maintain systems in areas where it is difficult to manage and secure ongoing operations. VIM Energy has a proven track record in supporting clients who demand reliable measurement systems installation, delivered by a partner with a deep understanding of site measurement security. 

“Even the best measurement equipment will not provide value if it is not properly installed, documented, maintained, and if data is not handled and analyzed appropriately.”, said David Simkins, ArcVera’s Director of Business Development. “Together, ArcVera and VIM are now able to offer a one-stop-shop to ensure that these critical tasks are performed in a way that results in a bankable energy assessment and improvements in a project’s bottom line.”, he continued. 

ArcVera is one of the pioneering renewable energy project technical consultants in Latin America. The company was involved in nearly 10GW of wind and solar projects located in twelve different countries of the continent. In particular, it has provided wind energy resource assessment reports used for financing the first three wind farms in Nicaragua, as well as the first wind farm in Guatemala and El Salvador. 
Hugo Pereira, VIM Energy’s Commercial Director, commented: “VIM Energy clients do not want to have multiple sources for the one thing they need: high-quality resource measurement campaigns including the supply of industry-standard measurement equipment and finance-grade technical advisory services. This is key to driving forward wind and solar energy development.”

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Romania | The Green House Photovoltaic program wants to be simpler

The Administration of the Environmental Fund invites all those interested to contribute with proposals to the improvement of the financing guide of the National Green House Photovoltaic Program.

"Starting next week, we will organize consultations for the guide for the new session of the National Green House Photovoltaic Program, which we want to launch this fall. The new program will make major changes. I want to simplify the registration process, as well as to reduce the duration of the project evaluation and to extend the range of installers ", said the president of AFM, Andreea Kohalmi - Szabo.
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