The future of SGRE turbine performance tests offshore and onshore is the ZX TM nacelle Lidar

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) statement of testing and approval of nacelle based wind Lidar 'ZX TM' from ZX Lidars for the purpose of Power Performance Testing on Siemens Gamesa wind turbines released

In connection with a power curve campaign, Siemens Gamesa has tested a new technology together with the well-known company ZX Lidars.
Based on the positive results achieved, both on the medium range and long range measurements, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy approves the use of the nacelle based Continuous Wave scanning Lidar 'ZX TM' from Lidar OEM ZX Lidars for Power Performance Testing.
Importantly and in addition to this, operational 'rotor equivalent' power curves can also be measured with ZX TM's unique 50 points around the full rotor swept area, particularly important for turbines with larger rotor diameters offshore and on onshore sites with complex veer or shear profiles.
This specific Lidar - ZX TM - allows the power curve of SGRE wind turbines to be measured and verified as a function of the Hub Height wind speed and may be, when agreed with the customer, used instead of the procedure described in the IEC61400-12-1:2017 (ed. 1/ed. 2) using a meteorological mast and anemometry installation.


The City of Arnhem goes smart with OpenRemote's Energy Management IoT solution

The City of Arnhem has selected OpenRemote's open-source IoT solution to develop an intelligent energy management system using advanced IoT technology. This new data management platform will enable the city's energy managers to automate and oversee a distributed energy system combining solar and wind power installations, electric fleet chargers, cold ironing for ships and battery storage, through a powerful desktop and mobile application.

The solar and wind energy produced at Kleefsewaard, an industrial park located east of the city, is used for charging electric vehicles across the city as well as powering the ships docked in its harbor (cold ironing). In order to maximise the use of local renewable energy, the City of Arnhem needed an energy management solution capable of predicting power generation, as well as optimising the vehicle charging and cold ironing, with the use of an additional energy storage unit. A mobile application, built on OpenRemote's open-source IoT platform, will enable the city's energy managers and maintenance crews to evaluate the performance of all system components on-the-go, at any time or place.

"Thanks to our flexible IoT Solution, diverse data sources using distinct communication protocols can be interconnected into a single integrated platform. That means that all the units that compose Kleefsewaard's distributed energy system can now come seamlessly together in a centralised energy management system. Thanks to advanced IoT capabilities, relevant weather data has been added to predict energy generation, while feedback from the application's optimisation routine is translated into charging and discharging commands and requested power setpoints, making the whole system more effective and easier to manage", explained Pierre Kil, CEO of OpenRemote.

Smart System Optimisation
The system is able to forecast power generation, consumption and carbon costs for the upcoming 24 hours. These essential data points are used to define optimal charging and discharging cycles for the energy storage unit, assess the vehicle fleet storage capacity, while considering the minimum required power indicated by the charging service provider.

The application will feature a dashboard to enable energy managers to supervise the whole system and monitor financial and carbon savings through a set of performance indicators. An "Insights" section within the app will display key system parameters such as such local energy, self-consumption or saved costs in a personalised, single-page view. Users will also automatically be alerted by the app in case of abnormal system behavior, as determined per pre-defined rules, and receive a first analysis of the potential root cause.

"We are currently developing our own customized solution with the active support of the OpenRemote team. The end result will be a smart energy management system that is tailored to our specific optimisation and reporting needs and hosted in our own secure environment. It will become a key tool to facilitate and improve the work of both our energy managers and maintenance personnel," commented Peter Swart, Program manager Energy at City of Arnhem.


ArcVera Renewables Announces Entry Into India's Hybrid, Wind, Solar and Energy Storage Market

ArcVera Renewables, an international provider of consulting and technical services for wind, solar and hybrid energy storage projects, has announced its entry into India's fast-growing renewables market. ArcVera's new Indian offices are located in Bangalore, India. The company has assembled a team of international experts to deliver industry-leading technical expertise to project developers, lenders, and investors in India as well as other Southeast Asia and Pacific Rim countries.

"Several factors have converged to make this a timely and strategically sound long-term business expansion decision for ArcVera. On one hand, India is a large and rapidly growing renewables market.  Now with energy tenders and hybrid project requirements, it is an even more complex and competitive market.  Local developers and investors are seeking best-in-class technical expertise to lower project risk, find advantages no other company has uncovered, and raise project value. On the other hand, the recent exit of a competitor from the Indian wind market has left a vacuum that ArcVera is ideally positioned to fill in," commented Gregory S. Poulos, CEO of ArcVera Renewables.

ArcVera's services cover the full project lifecycle, including finance-grade resource assessments, project design, technology assessments, financing, M&A, due diligence, construction, operations, and repowering. Its team comprises experienced atmospheric scientists, engineers, and data analysts, who leverage their advanced technical expertise to provide accuracy-driven renewable energy project services.  ArcVera Renewables' technical expertise is at the intersection of energy resource and storage and well-suited to support the hybrid project trend in India.

"ArcVera has an impressive track record in providing advantageous insights for wind energy, solar energy, and battery storage projects globally. We are looking forward to bringing our 40 years of experience to India's renewable energy developers, OEM's and Investors"," commented CR Anbalagan, Country Manager & Director of Business Development of ArcVera Renewables India Private Ltd.
ArcVera has considerable experience in the disciplines of atmospheric science, engineering, and data science, which stems from the origins of the wind industry in the late 1970s. For 40 years, their atmospheric scientists, data analysts, and engineers have leveraged their advanced technical expertise to help projects be more successful in development and financing and to perform better across their project lifetimes. In particular, ArcVera is at the forefront of the mesoscale and microscale modeling discipline for wind energy applications, providing clients with consistently superior wind energy project results, and giving them the ability to understand their wind energy site resource with high fidelity before measurements are even completed.


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